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Gain confidence in your image & style by discovering your best colours, how to dress your body shape, which clothes suit you and your lifestyle best. Services are available in a wide range of options to suit your needs and personal circumstances.

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What to Wear for a Photo Shoot, Style & Colour Tips

Getting your picture taken professionally can be exciting but it can also be scary, and that’s why you need to feel comfortable. Firstly find a great photographer that you feel comfortable with and outfits that you like, feel good in and are in flattering colours....

The Power of Colour

Up until a few years ago I wore a lot of black. Friends and family told me darker colours make you look slimmer, so I wore black. Instead of making me feel slim, I felt awful. Black washed out my fair skin, and I had to wear more makeup to compensate, which made me...

How to wear one of the seasons hottest colours – Camel

You might be aware that one of the key colours of the season is camel. This sandy shade will whip up a storm in your wardrobes thanks to its natural and earthy tone. Perfectly suited to Softs, Warms & Deeps but a word of warning you will need a warm skintone to pull...

How to Look Expensive, without spending a fortune

Yes it’s true you can look expensive without having your wardrobe full of designer names such as Gucci, Chanel, and Yves Saint Laurent. While these brands do make great classic investment pieces for example a designer handbag or a luxury pair of sunglasses there are...

What Colour Pants are you Wearing?

I know it’s a personal question, but it’s actually important. Did you know the shade of your underwear can completely change your mood?... and for all of us ladies who opt for a little black lacey number on date night – well you should NEVER wear black if your hoping...

Can you lure a Partner with Colour?

Ok so I love a bit of colour, and yes I do recommend wearing colour to make you feel more alive, more confident and more assertive. But can you lure the type of partner you want by wearing certain colours? What colours should we be wearing to compel the opposite sex...

Am I too Classic to Clash?

Clashing your prints is hardly an act of evil, but it’s something we’re generally discouraged from doing. We are told to match and blend, to coordinate or tone, to colour block at a push. Clashing your prints either looks accidental (generally interpreted as a cry for...

A women’s guide to dressing for an executive interview

No matter how impressive your CV is or how much you've practised giving the right answer to every possible question, if you don't make a lasting first impression on your interviewer, you will most likely not land your dream job. While your choice of attire is no...

Why it’s so important to Dress Well at Work!

It is often said, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. On the flip side, if the cover is fantastic, the book is likely to not only get desired attention but also the appreciation it may deserve. Quite evidently, our appearance has a huge role to play in the impressions...

Does my Bump Look Big in this?

First thing I want to say here is that this isn’t the blog post I had planned to write today. I wanted to write a quick fashion post about pleats or animal print, or maybe my recent buys. But after watching Sex & The City last night – the episodes where Miranda is...