Natasha Edge

Qualified Personal Stylist & Image Consultant

Personal Styling is no longer just for the rich and famous. I can help you have confidence in your style by helping you discover your best colours, body shape and styles of clothing that will suit you, your personality, your lifestyle and budget. My services as a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant are available for you in a wide range of options to suit your needs and personal circumstances. 

By knowing you are looking the best you can, and having confidence in your style, you can reduce stress, time and money and be comfortable in the knowledge you are looking fabulous! Enjoy browsing the site, or to find out how I can help you contact me today to book your session!


I also work with Companies helping their staff to improve their Image, Personal Branding and Confidence.

My clients have achieved the following after a consultation with me:

  • Improved confidence, by changing their style or adding more colour to their wardrobe
  • Improved their Personal Brand – which has resulted in achieving more career goals
  • Increased their enjoyment for clothes and have a greater self-appreciation,
  • Compliments from friends, colleagues – and sometimes by complete strangers!
  • Have an organised and functional wardrobe that suits their lifestyle
  • They are wearing more stylish, wearable clothes that fit and flatter their bodyshape,
  • Learn what works for them and what doesn’t – thus saving time (and money),

Are these the results you are looking for?

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