What a difference a dye makes!

Yes, changing your hair colour DOES transform your looks. They say blondes have more fun but brunettes get taken more seriously – how true this is we will never know but it does prove that the colour of your hair really does affect more than just your appearance and how you are perceived.

Changing your hair colour not only changes your looks but your make up and it will affect what colours you can wear. So maybe as a blonde you wore lighter or cooler shades, as a brunette you might be able to wear bolder darker colours? Changing your hair color is a fun way to change up your look, but it also gives you the liberty to try out new makeup & colours too.

Next to skin tone, your hair colour makes a huge difference to the makeup shades and styles you can pull off. It’s similar to dressing to complement your dominant colouring (eye & hair colour) – the way the light plays off different hair colours can lead you to the best makeup colour schemes to try. Colours that look great on you as a brunette could give your face a muddy, washed out tone look as a blonde

Like if you have a warm dominant colouring, redheads (especially those with fair skin and freckles) should try bright and airy shades. Sheer greens on the eyes and peach colours for cheeks and lips are the perfect match! Make sure your makeup look is fresh so as not to “beige” up your freckles!

Light dominant colouring ladies should surround their face with light. Play up your golden highlights with iridescent, shimmery shades. Look for a balance of color – blondes want to bring their face to life with makeup, but not overpower their look.

Deep dominant colouring ladies should wear shades in richer colours, if you’ve dyed your hair a deep brown to black shade, amp up your inner vixen with smoky charcoal or navy eyes and pale pink lips and cheeks. Focus on one feature (like a smoky eye) and make it dramatic and noticeable, but keep the rest of your look sparse.

And what if you’re embracing your grey hair? Silver foxes fear not. As a cool colouring you can wear colour! Particularly with your clothes and for make up I recommend keeping your look sheer, subtle and pretty. Try pewters, greys and lavenders on the eyes and golden pinks or apricots for the cheeks and lips. Pay extra attention to your brows with a pale blond brow pencil – it’ll give shape without too much pigment. Aim for radiant and luminescent!

My advice is chat to your hairdresser for their advice about what is the right colour for you, if you feel brave then go for it, this could open up a whole new wardrobe of colour for you.

Still unsure? Then book an appointment with me to get your colours analysed, I offer a lot more than just looking at your dominant colouring. So contact me today to find out more on 07825 509318


Natasha Edge

Personal Stylist & Colour Consultant