Number one on my list is Dress for Yourself! If you don’t feel good you wont look good, I know your thinking it should probably be the other way round but its true. I cant influence or make someone something there not (and I shouldn’t try), people have to feel comfortable in themselves to make them enjoy trying on and buying clothes. So stick to this rule – We are bombarded with styling rules, so take note of them but then decide if you want to break them! Most of all enjoy, style and fashion is something to be celebrated and we shouldn’t be scared to try new things.

I love a white shirt or t-shirt, they go with everything. I now buy them in 2’s or 3’s as there is nothing worse than an off white or faded white! When the colour fades use them as rags or dusters and you will feel you are still getting some use out of them. Tip – Remember that white is a really hard colour for anyone, so think of how you can introduce some colour. Maybe a bright scarf, a necklace or layer a jumper over it, this way you are getting some colour next to your skintone which will automatically make you feel more alive.

My Staple is my Jeans – a great pair of jeans can go with anything. I don’t really have a favourite brand, but I am wearing my Next Jeggin style jeans all the time (I now own them in 3 colours), they are so comfy, hold their shape and are very reasonable. 3 different length options too! I team mine with a camisole, a great suit jacket and a pair of killer heels for a night out. Dressed up or down a good pair of jeans is never a waste of money.

Get Organised – I get up fairly early (mainly due to my son), however every Sunday or the night before an event or work I decide on my outfits for the week! Obviously this can change, but usually you will go back to the one you chose first. Lining them up in your wardrobe can save loads of time in the morning and make you a lot less stressed when there are so many other things to do.

Shop Well – I now buy very differently to what I used too, I think I’m even becoming more practical and sensible. Long gone are the impulse buys or  buying the same thing in the same colour and not realising I have 3 already! When I see something that “I need” I always try to picture myself wearing it at least four different ways with clothes or items that I already own. If I cant I walk away, trust me you will save money doing this and in the past I have learnt the hard way!

Know What Suits You and Why – I love black, I love pleated skirts and I love maxi dresses – however they don’t love me very much! Know when something is right and when its not, black is very harsh with any colouring so look at ways to brighten up a black top or be confident in wearing bolder make up that day. I refuse to be defeated, learn the ways to make things work for you, whether its knowing how to dress your bodyshape, getting your colours right or making certain trends and styles work for you. Once you know what works for you and your bodyshape shopping and getting ready will become more pleasurable.

Never Skip Mascara, its so versatile and instantly brightens up the eye. Wear it alone for a more natural look or apply a thick coat for more drama. Its my fail safe feel better about myself make up product!

Talking about makeup, don’t be scared to try new colours, chances are you have been wearing the same makeup colours and products since your early twenties! I remember my best friend and I living in Rimmel Fudge Brownie lipstick, yes it still exists and its a great shade but there are hundreds of brands and colours to choose from. Tip – Pick a shade that is similar but not the same and go from there, this way you wont be going to far out of your comfort zone. Try wearing less or more makeup and see which you prefer, and if your not sure how to change your look or colours or even how to apply it book a professional make up session and they will talk you through step by step so you feel confident to try it yourself.