Sixth Form Students & Graduate Training

Making that transition from school to work or university can be a challenging time and might pose numerous confidence issues for graduates and employees just starting their careers.  These half-day or full-day workshops are a great way to convey what professional image is expected, whilst building their confidence and work performance.

My Workshops can cover areas such as:

  • First impressions
  • How to build your Personal Brand
  • Your personal image review
  • Interview Preparation & Dress Code
  • The well-dressed professional
  • Grooming tips for the corporate world

£30 Per Student for a Group / or £50 per hour for private tuition.

For more bespoke Workshops – POA

"If you think it's about clothes or fashion, you're wrong"

My role is to give you self confidence through colour and style, so you can get on with your role, achieving your goals without having to think about what to wear.

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