Professional Woman – The Importance of Image


About you…

  • You are a professional woman that is confident,  successful, ambitious, fun and good at what you do.
  • Working in a senior role or maybe a business owner a director.

And if not yet, it’s where you want to be.


  • You know that your image affects people’s opinion of you and the way you feel about yourself. 
  • You know you feel good when you look good.  But you lack confidence in your clothes, maybe its the style, maybe you only wear dark colours or maybe your just a little apprehensive about change.
  • You know you would like to dress in a way that shows your full potential both professionally and as a confident woman.

Why you need me

  • You might not have the time or understanding to figure out what suits you both in colour and style  – Thats why you know it’s time to hire a professional and start having confidence in your look.
  • You need a wardrobe that works for you and your lifestyle. You want to choose a great outfit every day that makes you feel fantastic!
  • You don’t have time to stand and stare at your wardrobe every morning, so you need a well-coordinated wardrobe which will make your life easier.

Time for a change?

  • Maybe after your recent promotion, you haven’t upgraded your image, but now you need to up your game and look the part.
  • Perhaps you are more visible in your role and need to work on your personal brand and image to make that great first impression.

Is this what you are you looking for?

My clients are ambitious, and therefore serious about changing their wardrobe and style, but through lack of time or know-how seek professional help to get it done efficiently, with a bit of fun too!


Let me help you achieve the Image you deserve; I look forward to working with you.