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Gain confidence in your image & style by discovering your best colours, how to dress your body shape, which clothes suit you and your lifestyle best. Services are available in a wide range of options to suit your needs and personal circumstances.

By knowing you are looking the best you can, and having confidence in your image, you can reduce stress, time and money and be comfortable in the knowledge you are looking fabulous!

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Bitesize Tips to help you manage your wardrobe

Firstly Happy New Year! It's that time of year again when most of us have the urge to purge our wardrobes and cupboards, I know I do! I love nothing more than giving my wardrobe a good refresh and tidy,  and doesn't it feel better every time you open the door to neat...

Perfect Colour Pairings to Try

Pairing colours can either make or break your outfit. So, it’s only natural to feel a little uneasy when experimenting with new tones and partnerships. But, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to plain old head-to-toe black. Here, we take you through a variety of...

How to wear a colour that doesn’t suit you..

You may be reading this and wonder why on earth anyone would want to wear a colour that doesn't suit them. But like I tell my clients if you really love a colour you should wear it, its just maybe you need to wear it differently i.e. not next to your face. Of course...

How to add some glamour to your everyday look

When it comes to style, what is glamorous is subjective. For some, it means choosing glitz, glitter, and sparkle. For some, it means wearing fashionable, expensive brands. But for me, it means looking elegant and flattering without trying too hard. You can be...

How to look good in winter

The coldest days are still to come. So how do we keep warm and still manage to look good in the Winter? Whether your working full time (at home or in the office), running errands or just playing with the kids the temperatures will drop over the next month, so take a...

How to Refine Your Style

Not many clients I meet know what their style is, or have even thought about it. Most clients usually start their consultation with I don't have any style and I don't know what suits me!' My response is always the same; everyone has style and some just need help a...

Have you lost your Style Mojo?

Have you lost your style mojo over the last 18 months? Since lockdown eased on Monday 12 April, our social media feeds have been awash with the cheering of long-awaited cocktails and smiling faces together in pub gardens. But among all of the excitement of now being...

Don’t get your jewellery in a tangle..

Does getting ready to go out involve a dance of rummaging, digging, and untangling various chains and earrings? Sound familiar?   This was my client, in fact we spent a reasonable amount of time during her wardrobe detox discovering jewellery in lots of boxes, bags...

Pick a Pocket Carefully!

Who doesn't love a pocket? Practical, comfy and they can really look good on clothing. In recent years pockets have almost become a fashion item, the humble pocket has an illustrious past, dating back to 3,300BC. Of course today, it is far more than a useful pouch....

Why its important to understand the Proportion & Scale

We often hear about body shape and scale but do you consider your proportions (that is the length of your upper body compared to your lower body, and your waist placement). Once you understand your proportions you can adjust the way you wear your clothes to give the...

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