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Gain confidence in your image & style by discovering your best colours, how to dress your body shape, which clothes suit you and your lifestyle best. Services are available in a wide range of options to suit your needs and personal circumstances.

By knowing you are looking the best you can, and having confidence in your image, you can reduce stress, time and money and be comfortable in the knowledge you are looking fabulous!

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Are you an Impulse Shopper?

It's fair to say I used to be an impulse buyer.... It’s easy to fall into this trap. Buying something gives instant gratification. It boosts your mood and makes you feel good. I would be having a down day, or going somewhere new that weekend and feel the need to go...

Why Neutrals are not boring

To some the thought of wearing neutral colours is boring, but a successful wardrobe will always contain a number of neutral shades. When I say neutrals, I mean colours that never date and can be combined with many other shades to create endless outfits. In fact, those...

Are you a fan of the Nude Knicker?

OK, let's be honest flesh or nude coloured underwear isn't always the prettiest, but it is often the most practical particularly if you don't want your knickers on show. I know that feeling confident in your clothes starts with feeling good in your own skin, from then...

Lets talk about the M Word

Lets talk about the M Word.. I went into early menopause at 36 - long story wont bore you with details but its fair to say it changed a lot of things and not just my bodyshape.   Your body shape naturally changes as you age, as the amount of fat you carry increases,...

Are you a Bagaholic?

We’re all for refreshing our look with bags, shoes and accessories each season (one pair of shoes can instantly update many outfits, so it is very cost effective and kinder to the environment).   A quick sweep of the high street indicates that bag trends are strong...

There are so many reasons why I love Bridgerton..

If your like me and most of the women in the UK chances are you have fallen in love with Bridgerton! If you dont know what this is, shame on you (go watch it you will love it) Its the most amazing series on Netflix, yes it has incredibly good looking me, yes its a...

Why I don’t mind being a bit Mutton!

I dont want to look like MUTTON DRESSED AS LAMB… What does this phrase actually mean - Its a disparaging term for an older woman who tries to look much younger or finds herself attractive in the style of younger women.  I mean who even made this phrase up? So Next...

My S/S 2022 Fashion Blog

Is anyone else ready to pack away the raincoats and reunite with your favourite spring pieces? If you're anything like me, you may well have breathed a deep sigh of relief over the last couple of weeks when you realised that you were that little bit nearer to spring,...

What did Coco Chanel teach us?

Coco Chanel, was an outspoken personality who changed the way women dressed with her revolutionary approach to fashion. Many of her words still resonate with us today, although I would argue that there are more colours than black, but that is a big discussion for...

Bitesize Tips to help you manage your wardrobe

Firstly Happy New Year! It's that time of year again when most of us have the urge to purge our wardrobes and cupboards, I know I do! I love nothing more than giving my wardrobe a good refresh and tidy,  and doesn't it feel better every time you open the door to neat...

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