10 Ways to wear sequins

Do you know what time it is? It’s sparkle time! Isn’t it great that there’s a few weeks of the year when you can get away with wearing glitter, gold and sequins, all at once if you so please?

Sequins may not be everyone’s cup of tea (I adored them as a little girl, hated them through my teens and rediscovered them in my twenties) and yes they are sometimes daring and bold but they look so festive worn correctly and for me they one of the reasons I love Christmas.

Here are 10 ways to wear sequins this festive season and beyond, some of which are in your face (literally) and others more subtle.


  1. A sequin pencil skirt looks best with a neutral, maybe even a cozy jumper. And then you can play with the shoes, choosing either high heels or, you know for the very trendy try trainers!
  2. Speaking of which, sequin shoes will make even the most plain of outfits shine! Make your own or invest in some great evening heels that will sparkle all night long.
  3. Put them on your face like Karlie Kloss in the picture. You just need some skin-safe glue to get the best festive makeup ever. My tip don’t overdo it on your face, stick to one area like around your eyes or highlight your cheekbones. Glitter lips are very in this season but let’s honest only the very young or very brave will try this trend.
  4. If the holidays caught you sequin-less, you can try making a DIY Jumper or Top in just a few minutes. All you have to do is stitch some sequins to a plain sweater and it’s instantly party-ready.
  5. I’m sure sequin trousers/leggings will seem impossible to pull off. But they look so good with a simple t-shirt and possibly some heels?
  6. A sequin bag can turn an outfit around. I love the colour on evening bags that tones with your outfit or try a more subtle sparkly bag for daytime.
  7. A sequin top and a pleated skirt can add some daytime glamour, but keep it casual with boots and a few bracelet or you could look a little pretentious. .
  8. If there’s such a thing as being too chic, well this might be it! A sequin vest will pop out from between a crisp white shirt and the jacket, like it’s nothing. But, boy, is it something! Do you need more of an excuse to dress up for work this season?
  9. A sequined jumpsuit can be a lot to process. But it looks fantastic in all black, or a layered version with super casual footwear for a more relaxed look.
  10. When everything else fails, you can always count on the sequin dress to turn some heads and make you shine all night long.