Tis the season for gingerbread-flavoured lattes (yuk!), phone calls from relatives you kind of forgot about and one of the most infamous holiday traditions of all, people start talking about the christmas office party! As your social calendar starts to look like a Byzantine mosaic over the next month or two, you will want to make sure you’ve got some fail safe go to looks that are both totally appropriate for a work environment and tres chic for soirees with your clients & coworkers.

The festive season is the time of numerous parties, un-planned dinner invites and get-togethers. That is why you should start to think about your wardrobe now. After all it’s not only your job you want to keep but your image too! Yes you want to be talked about, but make sure it’s for the right reasons. One of the most important parties you will need to attend is of course your office Christmas party. And if you don’t work – the office party of your spouse. Anyhow, before you rush into your favourite boutique for a new outfit, you should review my dress code guidelines first.

Although everyone thinks that the keyword of “Office Christmas Party” is the word party (get drunk & dance like a Pussycat Doll), I strongly recommend that you focus on the word office. Of course I understand that you work hard during the year, maybe your’e sick of wearing business dress and want to let your hair down, I understand that you might want to wear your most revealing dress and party hard, but please think again. I know we have all done it, but at some point we all have to grow up. Yes, you deserve to have fun, but the office Christmas party is not the right time and place to go crazy for several reasons:

The office is a place you come to work and build your career and a certain image. There will be the same people on the party that you see every day at the office. Don’t send them mixed impression about you, instead let them think you are good fun, a social butterfly and let them be confident they could put you in front of any client and you will act appropriately!

Keep in mind it’s possible that all the important directors & managers will be attending the party.

Being fun doesn’t mean drinking a lot. And if you did drink too much think about your outfit. Will everything stay in place if you start falling over or climbing on the tables?

Not everyone will be reading this, before attending the party. That is why the majority of your co-workers will have the objective to have fun. So, stay alert, this is a perfect opportunity for you to see who is who in your office. People tend to reveal their true faces when they are drunk or have too much fun.

People will be taking a mental picture at this party. Make sure you look decent, because what seemed fun during the party, can have the opposite effect when you find yourself tagged on facebook post on Monday. Guess what that promotion you wanted might have just disappeared.

So, keeping all of that in mind can I suggest you don’t do anything that is listed below:
• Too short
• Something you just don’t feel comfortable in
• Too tight
• Too revealing
• Too casual
• Anything see-through
• Untidy

Here are a few examples of dresses appropriate for any office Christmas party:

For the men I would suggest opting for smart casual or even cocktail attire dressing etiquette. You will never go wrong with casual suit without a tie. A collared shirt, clean shiny shoes (not trainers) is a must, and go for long sleeves!

The Office Christmas party is the perfect time and place to get to know your colleagues a little bit better and share a good time together. So, relax and enjoy yourself!

If you need some help finding the perfect Christmas wardrobe then contact me today, and I guarantee to make you look and feel great.