Pretty Woman will always be my absolute favourite film, from the love story, the clothes & shopping in Beverley hills to Richard Gere’s final scene when he climbs up the ladder and rescues her…Its a winner all round!

But even from an early age something that stood out for me was how the clothes not only changed the way she felt about herself but how others perceived her.

So, clothes can sometimes make or break a person. No matter what they say, what you wear can determine how you feel and perform everyday.

Its a fact hat we wear affects the way we feel. If you’ve ever played dress-up or seen a 5-year-old put on a superhero costume, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The moment my son used to change into his Spiderman costume he became a superhero, and the transformation occurs for all of us no matter what age. The somewhat shy boy who didnt want me to leave his side at a party was sitting calmly at the kitchen just moments ago morphs into a brave warrior ready for action. As he puffed up like a penguin with pride and marched around the house with a confident swagger. I watch him admire his new Styrofoam muscles in the mirror. Even his voice changes. It’s deeper, and he makes declarations like “I am here to save the day.” And he means it.

When you wear something that makes you feel great, the effects may at first be subtle — the way you tilt your head, your facial expressions and your body language — but they matter. It sends a message that you care about yourself. When we look good, we feel good — and vice versa.

Therapists are trained to pay attention to appearance because it conveys information about a patient’s mental health. During episodes of depression, people sometimes fall into a state of self-neglect. Stained clothing, unwashed hair, 2-inch roots, and chipped nails on someone who is usually impeccably dressed and well-groomed could be a sign something is wrong. Part of treatment is getting the person back into a routine of taking care of herself.

The link between mood and appearance is clear. Our clothes tell a story about who we are, how we relate to others, and most important, how we feel about ourselves. Next time you are having a bad day, skip the joggers or gym wear and throw on your favourite outfit, something you know you look and feel great in. Or borrow a superhero cape. It might work wonders.

After all would Julia Roberts have ended up with Richard Gere if she hadn’t adapted her style to suit her surroundings and change the way she felt?

Being a women today or working in a company does sometimes mean dressing a certain way, and sometimes, it is necessary to compromise in order to achieve your goals, because if you don’t, those glass ceilings will remain un-shattered and that would be a shame.

Just think of Pretty Woman x

If you would like some help with feeling more confident in your style or clothes then please get in touch, I would love to help you feel like a superhero even just for a day.