I have nothing to Wear’ has got to be the most overused phrase in a women’s vocabulary, agreed?
However, it is rarely the case that we actually don’t have anything to wear; it is more a case of how we view our wardrobes, and the psychology behind what we think we can wear!
Good news though, I’m here to help you find exactly what to wear with the ultimate fashion advice experience, a Wardrobe Detox; all in the comfort of your own home!
Designed to change the way you think about your wardrobe and personal style, this styling experience will give you all the tools to be able to find your perfect outfit for any occasion and most importantly make sure you feel amazing in every piece of clothing you own!
There are many phases that go into the Wardrobe Detox experience to ensure you get the most bespoke style advice as possible, but here’s the lowdown on what to expect:
Help you to identify and refine your personal shopping habits which are the root cause of all wardrobe dilemmas
Work through each piece to establish what looks great on you, what perhaps doesn’t and how others can be altered to suit you and your lifestyle now
Showcase new ways of wearing existing pieces in different outfit combinations and using key accessories
Make sure your clothes are talking your language and reflecting your personality
Give you honest and realistic style advice on what suits your body shape with fun, quick tips
Offer bespoke fashion advice to compliment your age from the latest fashion trends to a ‘capsule’ wardrobe and ideal brands for you.
Work with you to create an exciting and budget friendly shopping list for any missing pieces
This interactive Wardrobe Detox personal stylist session is not only informative but also really fun and will leave you feeling confident, energised and excited about choosing what to wear every single day, whether you have a one tiny wardrobe or a whole bedroom full!
Rest assured, ‘I have nothing to wear’ will be a thing of the past!
Photo is from a clients wardrobe detox session, proving that even smaller spaces can work, look how tidy and organised it it! Plus its in colour order making it easy for her to get dressed. By having your clothes out and visible you can really see what you have and you will wear all of it!
Wardrobe Detox: £200 / Or £40 per hour
Contact natasha@appandatt.com