Hello, welcome back and hope your having a great summer. Thanks for stopping by, I know how crazy it can be over the summer holidays juggling work and family life. Plus we are all trying to manage our money so we have enough for that last minute holiday or day out. But if your anything like me you also want to have enough money to take advantage of the summer sales, so Im here to tell you how to shop savvy and grab yourself some bargains that you actually need!

As you’re reading this, no doubt your inbox is pinging with sales alerts, 20%, 30%, and even 50% off. Tempting isn’t it? But before you hit that buy button,please have a look at my guide to bargain hunting.

1.Make a list

Seems obvious doesn’t it but how many times have you hit the shops without a firm idea of what you actually need? A shopping list will keep your mind firmly on the task in hand and you’ll be less likely to make a rash purchase ‘because it was under a tenner’.

2. Look for timeless pieces and basics

There’s a reason that the custard coloured Rara skirt is in the sale…because no one else wants it! Certainly the retailer doesn’t want to be stuck with it for another season. Don’t be sucked in by fashion-led items. Avoid seasonal trends such as those neon items or cycling shorts and stick to timeless pieces such as trousers, jeans, jackets and dresses.

3. Time to invest

The sales are a good time to shop for investment pieces. Jackets, shoes and summer dresses will be heavily discounted as retailers make way for their autummn/winter stock. Step up your game by visiting shops that are normally slightly out of your price range. Premium High Street stores such as Reiss, Karen Millen, Whistles, All Saints and LK Bennett have excellent sales and that gorgeous Rixo dress that was a little out of your reach before July, may well now be very affordable.

4. Will it work in your wardrobe?

Before making a purchase, ask yourself,

Can I make at least three outfits with it?

Do I have footwear and outerwear to go with it?

Is it appropriate for my lifestyle?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then there’s a fair chance that you will regret it further down the line.

5. Is it your colour and shape?

Just because your favourite friend or even celebrity looks amazing in a bright pink oversized shirt doesn’t mean that it will be the same on you. Hold the item underneath your chin, preferably near natural daylight. Does it make you look fresher and more vibrant or does it make your skin look tired and dull? Use your smart phone to take a photo of yourself in the changing room. Does the item look good from all angles? Does it flatter your figure?

Don’t settle for second best just because it’s in the sale. You will regret those buys and no doubt end up leaving them in the back of your wardrobe. Its amazing how many people buy in the sale only to find they already have 3 items in the same colour or shape, clothes will labels on and unworn items lead to a wardrobe detox.

If you want to hit the sale but are unsure of what really suits you or what to buy you can discover your own colours and style by booking an Image Consultation or I can keep your company round the shops and I will share my styling tips and tricks teaching you how to be sale savvy.