Salty Hair, Hot Skin, clingy clothes and parched lips, looking good on holiday isn’t easy, but keep glowing (in a good way) with these tips:

Before you go – Use a salt scrub two to three times per week for a couple of weeks before your holiday, this will lift dead cells and boost circulation. Then a week before apply a sheer layer of gradual tan every other day for a subtle, streak free glow.
Do we really need a lot of hair products to go on holiday? The shelves suggest Yes. Not necessarily, though a holiday is a great opportunity to treat your hair to conditioners and masks. Being in and out of water and very much off duty we can afford our hair to carry a lot of product ( whereas at home you feel you need to find a special slot to make time for your hair) Comb through a leave in conditioner or hair oil in the morning, topping up with a protective spray all over. Do this every day and you will have much softer hair by the time you get back.

The Chic way from day to night – Start with your body lather on the aftersun, then enhance the suppleness and glow by applying some self tan down the front of your legs and arms, the collarbone and shoulders are good areas too. Makeup wise the best look is a sweep of colour of the cheekbones, forehead and nose – natural areas that would catch the sun. Sweep a natural brown or green colour eyeliner around your eyes, blending with a bud and add a pop of colour to your lips by wearing a coral or warm lipbalm.

Hot Shades – True Red, Coral, Rouge Noir – the three coolest colours for summer toes. Im a big fan of gel nails as they last that bit longer and you don’t have to worry about chipping a nail!

The Perfect Beach Kit – Somewhere between travelling light and having everything you need to feel comfortable is the perfect kit for days in the sun. Suggestions are refreshing wipes, Dry shampoo, lipbalm, leave in conditioner, brush, suncream and shades.

So now we have sorted your beauty regime, if your struggling with your holiday wardrobe and what to pack get in touch!