Can I hear some of you saying I don’t do that, and then you remember that top or skirt you bought in a size too small thinking Im sure I will lose weight by the summer. Or that bargain shirt that wasn’t really your style but it was such a bargain you just had to have it!

It is estimated that 3 billion pounds worth of unworn clothes are thrown away in the UK every year, that is shocking. No wonder people need a good wardrobe detox, people think I just turn up and tell them to throw out clothes, not at all its a lengthy process where we break your wardrobe into Like, Love or Lose and then we go through, try on and eliminate items that you really haven’t worn in years, or don’t like or dislike the colour or whatever it might be. I organise, clear and put new outfits together that my client would have necessarily thought of. Whatever your reason for booking one it is a truly therapeutic experience for all involved and the after effects are massive – including saving you money.

The easiest way to figure out what’s going on in a woman’s mind is to look at her shopping and clothes wearing habits. I was reminded of this a few weeks ago when I was talking to a friend about a skirt she had bought in June. Her face lit up as she described this skirt and its beautiful brocade which was perfect for dinner & drinks. When I asked her why I hadn’t seen it – she had no answer!.

My friend like so many other women suffer from a clothing affliction, including me, namely, we buy clothes because we love them, they make us feel good and we imagine our life wearing these clothes but instead of wearing and enjoying them, we save them for that special occasion. Now I am trying to wear all my clothes more, a detox certainly helps that as you have a clear more organised wardrobe, so you can actually see what you have  – and by the times its finished you only have items you like and wear left in your wardrobe.

There are plenty of reasons why we shop like this, one of the most common is that we fantasise about who we are and how we’d like to dress or live. We buy for the fantasy instead of buying for our real lives.

Maybe you’ve fallen in love with an expensive pair of high-heeled studded boots that speak to your inner rock chick and you just have to buy them. But when you get them home and look around you, you realize that your job or being  a full time mum means you actually have no where to wear your beloved boots, so you put them to the back of the wardrobe or if your anything like me and 90% of other women I know you hide them…

Occasionally, and sadly, women buy clothes and never wear them for deeper reasons.

It could be they are a compulsive shopper and buy more clothes than they can actually wear. Or maybe they feel guilty about spending too much money so, we buy clothes and don’t wear them as a form of self-punishment.

Or maybe it’s for one of the worst reasons of all: as we get older, we feel we’re not pretty enough or youthful enough to wear beautiful things. If this rings a bell with you, I’m here to tell you that you do deserve to look and feel fantastic and that you truly can be fabulous after 40 or 50 or at any age.

Another reason plenty of us save clothes is because we’re waiting to lose those last few pounds. Be honest, do you have a pair of pants sitting in your closet that are a little (or a lot) too tight but you keep holding on to them until some unspecified day in the future when you’ll be able to fit into them again? Yes, I have jeans like this – hidden away under other items for safe keeping.

We’ve all been there, so don’t panic or blame yourself, as we get older it gets too easy too put on a few pounds or notice that our bodyshape has changed since having kids (or not).

The reason for writing this blog is that life is too short to wait for “someday” or that special occasion. Instead of saving clothes for something that may or may not ever happen, let’s embrace who we are today, look at yourself and think why shouldn’t I wear that dress today, and so what if I look a bit dressed up – you know that you feel good in it and that you will receive compliments.

So take a deep breath and throw out anything that doesn’t fit and start enjoying what does fit, because do you know what you look pretty damn good to me.