One of the most common things women worry about as they get older is dressing inappropriately or appropriately for their age – the old “mutton dressed as lamb” issue.

Interestingly, what I’ve discovered with my clients, is that if the thought ever crosses their mind, it’s probably NOT GOING TO HAPPEN and they can put the thought out of their mind.

Personality has a huge influence on whether we dress too old or too young. The women I meet who are dressed to follow Mary, don’t even consider what they are wearing might be a ‘bit too young’ for them now, they are simply enjoying their clothes and it makes them feel good – so what’s the problem?

I do however see more women looking frumpy because they dress too old, and they are so determined that they dont dress too young that it ages them 15 years. They have lost their love for clothes and for feeling good and have accepted a life of I’m over 55 so I need to dress a certain way.  Please, I implore you, don’t do this.  It also makes you appear like you you have given up, or simply given in. It’s all about balance and knowing what works for your lifestyle and your bodyshape, and don’t opt for bland colours just cos your’e getting older. Most of the bold or brighter colours look best with silver or grey hair ladies, trust me on this!

Tips to avoid looking like Mutton!

  • Avoid showing too much flesh, no one minds a little cleavage!
  • Make sure skirts and dresses reach to around the top of the knee or slightly longer – this is an incredibly flattering length on most women. Plus the Midi Skirt is very fashionable right now.
  • Don’t wear clothes that are too tight, the same goes for oversized or shapeless clothes.
  • Don’t wear beige!
  • Wear colours that flatter your skintone and colouring
  • Don’t wear too much makeup, too much makeup will age you. Make sure your makeup is in the right colours, over the years our colouring changes and you will need to adapt as this happens.
  • Keep your hair natural, or if you prefer it coloured opt for a colour that is soft and will compliment your colouring.
  • Invest in classic neutral pieces that will last you a while, you can add colour by mixing fab accessories – such as red shoes or a colourful bag or scarf. Less is more!
  • Skirts past the bottom of your knees can often appear frumpy, unless you have very long legs, and are best worn with heels.  If you prefer to wear flat shoes, keep your skirts no longer than the bottom of the knees unless you have super long pins!
  • The midi-skirt is a trend that looks best with trainers when you’re young, or with a heel or wedge to elongate your legs as you mature.

If your still unsure as to what your best style is then create your own picture board of celebrity looks that you like, look at Helen Mirren or Judy Dench, Salma Hayek they all look fabulous for their age. They wear colour, modern styles and their makeup is simple but beautiful. The saying “You are Never Too Old” really is true and you should have fun experimenting with your style no matter what age.

If you need some help with finding your style or dressing well then get in touch and book a consultation. I promise to make you feel great and you certainly won’t feel like mutton,