Does getting ready to go out involve a dance of rummaging, digging, and untangling various chains and earrings? Sound familiar?
This was my client, in fact we spent a reasonable amount of time during her wardrobe detox discovering jewellery in lots of boxes, bags and drawers and then untangling necklaces and earrings that had become entwined.
If you don’t have a good storage solution, it’s hard to really enjoy your jewellery. Jewellery should be easy to access when you need it, and beautiful to look at when you don’t.
Let’s talk about how to store your jewellery (and say goodbye to tangles while you’re at it).
Vanity or Dressing table space:
Treat yourself to a pretty ring dish or jewellery stand.
Store rings and studs earrings in the dish, and drape necklaces, bracelets, and dangles on the stand — one item per peg.
If you run out of space on the stand, you can also drape earring hooks over the edge of your ring dish or bowl.
Drawer Space:
If you’ll be using drawer space, grab a couple of jewellery containers to organise a makeshift area.
Decorative boxes, drawer dividers, and jewellery dishes are all good options. Use a satin lined container as its more delicate on your items and prevents them from getting scratched.
Outfit-specific jewellery needs to be just as easy to see and organised. Since you won’t be wearing it on the daily, it needs to be visible enough to remind you of its presence when you need it!
You have a few options for storing your outfit-specific jewellery. Choose whichever makes the most sense for you.
By style:
Separate your bracelets (chunky vs. beaded), earrings (hoops vs. studs vs. long dangles), necklaces (multichain vs. statement pieces), and rings
By colour: If you love the colour-coordinated feel this method is for you. It makes it easy to mix and match to complement what you’re wearing.
By set: Do you have a few sets that you love to wear together? Keep them organised that way for easy selection.
I hope you found those tips useful, I would love to hear your storage or display solutions.
Photo Image – This is the type of display solution we decided would be best for my client during her wardrobe detox
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