It’s been a milestone year for 50 plus women…Could it be Oestrogen in the water or was it that women of a certain age are getting more fabulous! Im not sure of the reason, but who cares, 2017 turned out to be the most amazing year for women in midlife. Midlife Crisis – I don’t think so! Suddenly everywhere you looked there was a 50+ women in charge. Running the Met Police, The judiciary and yes of course the entire country. It seems we are no longer ironing shirts for a man to keep his appointment with greatness, increasingly were occupying those tops slots ourselves.

Historically women seem to lose power as they get older, men on the other hand age well, become distinguished or a silver fox – look at George Clooney!  The idea that a women over 50 would both have her marbles and sex appeal was a joke. On TV we are seeing this change too, look at Shirley Ballas and how she replaced Len (although I did like Len) and Sharon Osbourne ruling the roost on XFactor, and who can forget Debbie Mcgee! No longer seen as the widow of Paul Daniels.

On the other hand some women just don’t get it right and need a little help. I was recently introduced to an HR Manager who smiled at me from across the reception, I could see she was attractive, with sparkly eyes and warm cheeks and a toned statuesque figure.

Yet as I looked at her during our meeting I realised she looked every one of her fifty something years, and more. She had contacted me as she wanted a Wardrobe and Style Update, as her husband had recently told her she never wore nice clothes! We can always rely on our husbands to give us confidence.. How is it that men can get away with not shaving, throwing on that same old pair or jeans or not really bothering, however if we suddenly stopped putting make up on, or not doing our hair we are suddenly letting ourselves go!

Why did this lady look older? It was simple. She had made poor style choices and it had added years to her. Her dress was too bold, too bright and just a bit too low cut, revealing an over baked decolletage. Her silver shoes, tights too orange (clearly meant to be a natural tan), her hair too peroxide blonde, her nails too long and she was covered in more bling than a Christmas tree.

Pancake makeup had set in the lines on her face, and her mascara too dark and clumpy. It all combined to make her look incredibly dated.

Its an all too common sight and especially in women, not just of a certain age either. Too many women make very basic style errors that can make them look at least a decade older.

So ladies, tone it down and remember less is more. I’m not saying I want women to be boring and ultimately women should wear what makes them feel good, and yes that includes colour!

I’m a big fan of adding some lipstick and colour on your cheeks as these two products will make a big difference to your skin tone and look (only in the right shade though)

So add some lippie, wear bright colours and smile because your looking great ladies, If you need a bit of help with the wow factor then give me a call and I will be pleased to help.