Now I know I’m a convert already, have been for as long as I can remember. There are loads of reasons for getting a new hairstyle, and I’m here to tell you there are some massive benefits to getting a fringe.

It’s a style that most of us have experimented with, and thanks to celebrity fringe fans like Claudia Winkelman and Fiona Bruce showcasing the face framing benefits, it may be time for you to give a fringe another go. After all, it could take years off your look, too.

Will it suit me?

Fringes are a suits all, ageless accessory. As a general rule I would say talk to your trusted hairdresser first, but they are pretty risk free. Heavy fuller fringes work best with softer facial features, whilst softer wispier fringes look better with stronger features. A caveat though, solid fringes like Claudia Winkelmans are a statement look that works best on think straight hair, while a super short, harsh looking micro fringe can accentuate the jowls – and no one wants that! My 9yr old has a habit of pointing out already how many chins I have, don’t you just love kids!

Aren’t fringes high maintenance?

Depending on your hair type, most fringes will need daily washing and styling, but for me a quick spritz of batisse dry shampoo sorts that out. It works wonders for reviving your hair and leaves it smelling sweet. A round bristle brush and straightening irons are essential. The brush ensures roots are straight but bouncy when blow drying while the iron removes any kinks. Most salons I know offer fringe trims, not something I have always taken advantage of – haven’t we all chopped our own hair at times?

Do they look good with curly hair?

Whether you have loose, relaxed waves or a more structured curls, a fringe adds modern versatility to a style. All curls shrink as they dry so get your stylist to leave your fringe a little longer. When styling at home, a blow dryer with a diffuser helps to prevent frizz.

What if I’m too scared?

If your’e undecided, try a clip in fringe. But my view is speak to a hairdresser or a trusted friend, they will tell you the truth. I say go for it!

Will a fringe work with my haircut?

Any fringe will update and tweek your style, without the need for a dramatic colour change or length transformation. A heavy solid fringe adds movement and texture whilst lightweight layers can hide crows feet and those lines.

So my advice would be go for it, I can guarantee you will look younger and your face shape softer. Look at pictures online and take inspiration from celebrities who have gone from no fringe to a fringe – Jo Lo, Katie Holmes and Kendall Jenner. Be Brave!

Fringe Goals right here….