There’s no getting away from the fact that most women would like to lose a few pounds, or have a flatter tummy or generally change something about their body! Most of my clients no matter what they size are unhappy about something. But what if we could colour ourselves slimmer?

With clever dressing and wearing the right colours we can all look and feel slimmer! There comes a time in every womans life when she wishes she could look and feel a little slimmer. The advice I give to every woman is that whatever your size or age, I can give them help to gain confidence to dress with style and flair, whilst making the most of her attributes. Our world is full of women of all shapes and sizes, and that’s what makes us all fabulous.

I blame social media and celebrity culture, for years now women have been made to feel as if there bodyshape or size was unacceptable. Yet to me, there are many celebrities who make fantastic role models, dressing with glamour and style! Look at Ashley Graham – the plus size supermodel, Dawn French or Adele? These women have learned to make the most of their bodies. It is all a question of understanding your body, and acknowledging the bits that you like as well as those that you don’t.

Buying the right clothes for your bodyshape is fundamental, but there are other things to consider as well. You may be surprised to discover that your natural colouring hair, skintone and eyes can play a significant role when it comes to looking slimmer, specifically by wearing colours that enhance such features.

Not all of us fit into neat little boxes, and thank god! We are all different in subtle ways, but there is no doubt that I can help you understand your body better and in particular what types of clothes and accessories will compliment your shape and colouring. Your wardrobe will definatley change for the better!

Before you change your wardrobe you need to be comfortable with your body image, this means accepting where possible your bodyshape and making the most of the way you look and feel. Analyse your appearance objectively, the good points and the bad. This will help you focus on how to reconcile your perception of yourself.

Put on a couple of outfits that you feel good in, and ask yourself why you feel good in them? Is it the shape, fit or colour? Remember you are not alone if your not a standard shape and find shopping for clothes and dressing a horrible experience. We all have the same issues, these are a few of the complaints I here all the time –  I hate looking at myself in the mirror, I hate the fact I have to go up a size, I have nothing to wear, don’t know what suits me anymore & I find shopping very frustrating!

If you want to look slimmer it is essential that you dress all your individual parts rather than your entire body.

Top Tips:

Materials – Straighter bodies need straighter constructions, curvier bodies need softer and more shaped constructions.

Wear pattern or bolder materials on your slimmer parts, avoid drawing attention to the wider or bigger parts of your body – unless you want to show them off!

If you find your trousers come above your natural waistline, it might be that you are short in rise, so look for low rise trousers. Alternatively if you are high waisted look for trousers that naturally sit on your waist.

Think about your posture, try to walk taller and sit up. Putting your shoulders back and tucking in our pelvic floor when we walk can make us feel slimmer.

If you have a bigger bust or upper body, don’t be tempted to cover it up with ill fitting or baggy clothes. It is possible to dress the upper part of your body to flatter it, without resorting to a big cover up.

If you feel your legs are a little short, narrow leg trousers and pencil skirts will make you appear taller and therefore slimmer.

Zips should lie flat, seams should lie straight and never pull. Pockets should not gape, and in fact slanted pockets are more flattering all together.

Black does not necessarily make you look slimmer. It will only work if it is a colour that’s in your colour palette. There are many other colours that will make you appear slimmer – navy, brown, purple and charcoal to name just a few.

Buy correct fitting underwear, slim and form fitting underwear will give you the illusion of a slimmer shape. Make sure you get fitted for a bra if your not sure of your best size or shape.

If you get the foundations right, you will instantly feel and look slimmer in minutes. For any help with colours or bodyshape issues get in touch!