How To Dress In Your 40’s

In my role as Personal Stylist I hear women saying that they can’t wear certain colours, prints and styles because of their age — I’m just like, “Yes, you can!”. Women don’t want to be mutton dressed as lamb but also don’t want to dressed like an old woman. It’s very easy to feel like you have to have a more boring and predictable style once you reach “a certain age” – but this is so wrong. There are so many examples of women over 40,50,60 and 70 that have incredible dress sense and wear colour all the time – look at Judy Dench or Helen Mirren.

In my opinion, you can most definitely pull off any style that you want.. regardless of your age. Is it easy to pull off a stylish look at any age? Yes. Do you have to stop wearing certain pieces because you’re a “certain age”? No.

With age your style evolves, it doesn’t restrict.  Your approach to putting together your look may be the only thing that changes because I doubt you’d want to wear the same outfit that someone in their 20’s is wearing, BUT you can still wear the same pieces… with a different way to complete your look through your choice of clothes, shoes, and accessories, so you feel confident and comfortable styling it at your age.

Step One: Wardrobe & Lifestyle Evaluation
When you’re adding to your wardrobe, you should have a good idea on the different pieces your wardrobe needs that are practical for your lifestyle and what your wardrobe is lacking so you have a better approach to shopping and not wasting your money.  The three steps to consider first are:

1- Assessing your lifestyle

2- Assessing your wardrobe needs

3- Cleansing your existing wardrobe

Understanding what you need makes it easier to narrow down what to shop and look for when spending money.

Step Two: Knowing How To Dress For Your Body

To be able to pull off a stylish appearance confidently, you’ll not only need a wardrobe full of clothes – but clothes that will flatter your figure, your bodyshape and your colouring. Knowing if your high waisted or have broader shoulders will help you find the perfect pieces and shapes of clothing to flatter your figure.

Not sure what your shape is?

Step Three:  Investing In Your Wardrobe Basics

Your wardrobe needs basic pieces that’ll make it easy for you to wear the same clothes differently and that you can pair with everything you have.  Your basics allow you to feel more confident in putting together stylish outfits around every item in your wardrobe and any new or future pieces you add in.

If you often feel you have nothing to wear or have a wardrobe filled with random odd pieces that don’t go with anything, single outfits or one-time wears; your wardrobe lacks the basics and it good be time for a Wardrobe Detox.

Step Four: Adding In Key Pieces

Outside of your wardrobe basics, you need pieces in your wardrobe that reflect your taste and lifestyle.  The best thing about these pieces, you’ll already have a ton of outfit options for them with your wardrobe basics. Your key pieces will complement your wardrobe basics and help to incorporate and show off your style with your looks.  These pieces can be anything from clothes, accessories to shoes and can range in style, shape, fit, colour to print.

For more information on finding out your bodyshape, best colours or style get in touch today,