Is it just me or does everyone put themselves under loads more pressure when your due to go on holiday, so the extra washing, packing, organising our jobs or families and pre holiday shopping isn’t enough we then decide to try and lose weight or start going to the gym! Why do it to ourselves?

I see so many clients that say I will come and see you when I lose the weight, or just before I go on holiday or get married. Why do we wait? Why don’t we want to feel great all the time, feeling better about our image and clothes is a sure fire way to make ourselves feel better and more confident. We will probably gain more compliments too, which in turn makes us more likely to lose the weight and feel better.

So as far as I see it, if your’e not going to come and see me you are left with the following options.

1. Lose a sh*t load of weight before you go away…
2. Or forget to do this and plan to rock the body you’ve already got.

Top Tips!

If you are looking for a few holiday clothes avoid buying cheap! Never try on swimwear particularly costumes in Primark. Primarks target audience is 16-25, there is a reason for it! Slimmer, firmer and usually waif like shoppers buy there. The sizes might go bigger but you will probably have to buy a bigger size just to get it to fit and that’s not good for the mindset or soul!

Sure you can get three for £20. But the way your soul is destroyed as it dawns on you that your body is too long, your tummy is too big and your boobs are too saggy to fit into them, is not worth the hassle. Invest in an over the shoulder support costume from M&S. Enjoy the fact it fits, its actually going to support you and looks great. Try not to cringe as you hand over £40 for this small piece of material you are only going to wear 2 weeks of the year.

Spend your £20 Primark money beach cover ups and comfy tshirts. Their soul purpose to cover your wobbly bits when you walk to the bar or you need to cover up your bum whilst making sandcastles with your kids and trying to look glamourous. The best part of the beach for me, yes I love the sun, I love relaxing but the very best bit is having that first shower after a day on the beach. Washing the sand out of every orifice of your body and washing & conditioning your hair. That’s bliss right there.

Shave your bits. Now let’s be honest from October to May generally we can all be found covered in a thin (or sometimes thick) layer of hair. Now is the time to shave your legs, armpits, toes etc etc. Being smooth will make you rock that over priced cossie and beachwear, it will also make you feel great. Nothing feels better than smooth moisturised skin, your partner will notice too.

Treat yourself to whatever makes you happy and confident. A lovely new beach bag, some snazzy new flip flops. You might want to get your hair trimmed or get some gel nails. No one will be looking at your tummy when your nails look like Beyoncés. Opt for a summer bright like coral, fuscia or red, manicured nails are a sure way to get you feeling good.

The day you decide to go to the pool or beach put your costume on indoors first so you have no awkward ‘trying to shoehorn yourself into lyrca in a beach loo’ situations. Adorn your cover up or wrap and go for it! Wear a bold lip and spritz yourself in a holiday coconut scent to make you feel ready for anything.

Pick up your beach bag, shove on your jazzy sandals and beach dress. Grab your kids hands and walk with your head held high to your sunny location.

Now this is the important bit. The vital bit. The bit that will keep you going. This shall be your mantra…remember that when you take off that beach dress…NO ONE GIVES A SH*T. No one cares. Whilst it might feel that all eyes are you? They aren’t. The only eyes on you? Are tiny human ones. That love you, that adore you, that want to splash you with water, that want you to make a sandcastle, that couldn’t really give a f*ck if you were sat in your pants or pyjamas.

If you feel unconfident? Splash that freezing cold water at your husband. If you see someone with a cracking body think “well done you” but remember those blissful hours eating cake and drinking gin. They might be thin but they are probably hungry. In my experience thin doesn’t always mean happy, we are all shapes and sizes and let’s be kind to each other. Everyone has body confidence issues when they stand in front of a mirror! So let’s not judge.

But if you would like some help finding those holiday essentials or even help packing your bag please contact me and I will be only too happy to help.

The best way to feel beach ready and confident is to remember that when you are old and grey. You aren’t going to be recalling that lovely Primarni bikini you squeezed into. But you will recall those happy moments laughing in a pool, spending time with your loved ones, the times your kids tried to dunk you in the water park and those wonderful days you spent making sandcastles with the people you love most in the world. And never forget the mantra..all together now #noonegivesas*t