How to Look Expensive, without spending a fortune

Yes it’s true you can look expensive without having your wardrobe full of designer names such as Gucci, Chanel, and Yves Saint Laurent. While these brands do make great classic investment pieces for example a designer handbag or a luxury pair of sunglasses there are other ways to look high end without spending the earth!

1. It should go without saying, but any item that has holes, stains, or rips will not make you look more expensive, but instead careless and scruffy.

2. Stay away from non-classic prints. For sure wear stripes, dots, and leopard print, but prints such as aztec, heavy florals, and chevron are just going to come and go. Also, look for quality. Florals & stripes that stretch when you put it on just won’t look good. Stripes will go wavy and make you look bigger than you are – so be cautious.

3. Things that just don’t fit well, especially items that are too small or too big. It’s obvious when something is being stretched to the limit and it looks like you’re not aware of your body type. Likewise oversized clothes that just hang on you make you look lazy and as if you haven’t thought about your outfit.

None of my tips require lots of cash, nor do they mean you need to go out and buy a designer-filled wardrobe. You just need to make a couple tweaks here and there, and of course, don’t forget your confidence & colouring!

9 Tips on How to Look Expensive

1. Long coats
Firstly not a long puffer or sports coat! But a classic mac or winter long coat in the colder months will make your outfit look more elegant. Think about the material and how often you will wear it, a good coat is an investment piece and can be worn for years so choose carefully,

2. Tailored pieces
When everything is polished and fits well, you look like someone that knows what they’re doing and where they’re going. Tailored clothes will also flatter your bodyshape more and make you look in better shape,

3. Structured bag
Every chic outfit seems to have a classic, structured bag. When aiming to look expensive, stay away from slouchy bags and backpacks in lightweight canvas materials. Choose faux leather or go for the real thing if you can afford it. Stick to classic colours such as navy, black, camel or browns as they will go with more of your clothes.

4. Pointy shoes
It’s funny how just going from a rounded toe to a pointy shoe changes an outfit. A pointy toe shows that you mean business, it can also add feminity and make you feel more confident.

5. Tuck it in
Similar to #2, adding structure to an outfit will class it up. Feel free to go a step further and add a belt to give more shape to an outfit. Having everything hanging out can look like a mistake (a bit like as a child when your mum is constantly tucking you in)

6. Tasteful jewelry
You can’t forget good quality accessories when dressing high end. Avoid plastic jewels and too much costume jewelry, but focus on classic pieces such as watches and minimal gold or silver jewelry. Sometimes less is more, and keep it simple to one or two good pieces.

7. Throw on some sunglasses
I don’t know if this is something that the celebrities started, but throwing on a pair of sunglasses can somehow make you look important, chic and it can make your whole outfit look better. Like a good bag or coat, a pair of sunglasses can be a real investment piece – so opt for a designer pair that not only look great but offer good UV protection.

8. Don’t forget beauty
Don’t forget that your skin is a canvas and every little detail matters to the outcome of your look. It’s hard to make an outfit look good when your nails are chipped and cracked and your hair has seen better days. Not saying you need to always step out with a full face of makeup, but attention to these details shows that you care. A good lipstick never hurt either!

9. Go simple
Simple colours, outfits, and silhouettes are not “boring”, but classy. Don’t be afraid to tone it down and wear what works for you. Just because Red & Pink is in fashion right now doesn’t mean you have to wear it! Know what works for you and stick to it.

If your not sure on your style or how to get this look book a Wardrobe Consultation or Personal Shopping trip, and I guarantee to make you feel fabulous darling!
Natasha x