The coldest days are still to come. So how do we keep warm and still manage to look good in the Winter?

Whether your working full time (at home or in the office), running errands or just playing with the kids the temperatures will drop over the next month, so take a few minutes to look over your winter wardrobe and see if you’re fully prepared.

No-one looks their best when they’re cold and miserable but a couple of warm accessories can add comfort and tweak up your style with a pop of colour.

Look after your skin and don’t forget your makeup, using the right makeup & skincare products at this time of year is key. Consider things like more hydrating lipsticks or lip oils, or a more Tinted Moisturiser or Foundation that is gentle on your skin. People may only see your face so aim to introduce a bit of a healthy glow in the right colours.

So how do you do it?

Layering is key at this time of year, but it can be easy to look bulky so here’s a few style tips to help you out:

  • Keep a slim silhouette by starting with the lightest layer closest to the body, progressively building fabric weight so your heaviest layer is your coat.
  • Snug and stylish thermals come not only as underwear but leggings and socks, tops and long sleeved polo necks.
  • Silk or satin underwear will keep a slim outline of your bodyshape and provide more warmth than adding a big chunky sweater.
  • 3 layers should be enough beneath a coat – thermal underwear, long sleeved tee or shirt & try adding a tank top or knitted vest to keep your look on trend as well as warm!
  • Warmth is in the fabric not the thickness so opt for silk, wool or cashmere.


Choose your coat to match your activity:

Down is the best insulator, a synthetic version is cheaper. Wool adds style but look for the percentages; 100% wool is warmest, the addition of different fibres detracts from the warmth. For sports/hiking look for active wear designed for extreme weather and good wear and tear.

Take your time and choose a coat that flatters your figure. The cut and overall shape, the shoulders, the length and the colour – all of these factors will decide whether the coat is right for you.

If you’re petite make sure that the shoulders fit and the length is in proportion. A shorter coat shows leg and helps to elongate the figure; match tights, boots, pants etc in a dark tone.

If you need to cover a suit jacket make sure you have deep armholes, full sleeves and enough swing.

Any coat should look good in the Winter for a couple of years, cheap is rarely a bargain. Choose a neutral shade and add colour with accessories.


Choose the right Boots & Footwear!

Choose your boots for comfort and the weather. Do you need them to be warm, waterproof or both?

Wear tights under your trousers, top with warm socks and insert cozy insoles into your boots for an additional layer of warmth.

Choose a style that suits you but beware of heels if you have to walk in wet or snowy weather.

Snow boots, knee length boots or ankle boots can all look good but expect to change your boots for shoes or pumps for the office. I use my walking boots for all sorts including those muddy cold mornings on the football pitch with my son, I layer my feet with two pairs of warm socks.

Leather and suede boots will need some kind of water-proofing to keep them looking good in snowy or wet weather.

Always opt for quality.


Frame your face perfectly:

Messy hair and cold ears are not a good look!

Your face is where people want to look so frame it!

Frame your face; hats that add volume make you look slimmer. If your head looks small your body looks bigger.

Choose a pretty big woolly hat that frames your face or, even better…

A fabulous Russian type hat. Fur is always glamorous; hat, headband, earmuffs, collar or scarf.

With a dark coat, a light coloured hat and scarf will bring the eye up to your face making you look taller and slimmer. Matching accessories always look good.


Add a pop of colour!

A dreary winter day can be cheered with a pop of colour – a scarf, gloves or bag, even boots, can bring a neutral outfit to life.

Forget leather, choose wool for your gloves – natural fibre is always the best and warmest, for scarf and socks too.

So following these simple tips it can be done and you’ll find you can stay warm and look good in the winter.