Not many clients I meet know what their style is, or have even thought about it. Most clients usually start their consultation with I don’t have any style and I don’t know what suits me!’

My response is always the same; everyone has style and some just need help a little help defining it. That’s why you booked me, to help you feel discover your true style and feel more confident in your clothes.

Most clients start by booking an Image Consultation – Why? In my belief once you are confident in the following 3 areas and understand how each of them apply to you, you will have all the tools you’ll need to put together your dream wardrobe.

  • Style Personality
  • Body Shape
  • Colour

Feeling great in your clothes isn’t always about what suits you – it’s about what makes you feel like ‘you’, what expresses your personality and gives you confidence…

Style Personality

During my sessions I work with six different style personalities, these range from a quirky Creative through to the timeless, understated Classic or Chic.

We rarely fall into just one Style Personality category, usually we’ll have a dominant style personality and then a few others thrown into the mix – and this is the beauty of clothes and style – there’s no right or wrong.

Understanding your style personality is key to helping you build a great wardrobe that makes you feel confident. When you know exactly what type of style works for you, not only can you be more deliberate when choosing clothes but you can also avoid items that just aren’t you with confidence!


Eclectic and sometimes quirky, the Creative dances to the best of their own style drum, caring little about what is/isn’t in fashion and more about what they love and makes them feel great.

Creatives usually have a brilliant eye for combining unusual patterns and colour combinations together that work for them, but probably wouldn’t work so well on anyone else. They love finding unusual pieces in vintage stores or charity shops and will often customise their clothes or keep things for several years knowing they’ll come back to it at some point.

Creative celebrities; Fearne Cotton, Vivienne Westwood, Sarah Jessica Parker.


Dramatics LOVE clothes and follow trends carefully – often wearing something because it’s the latest ‘thing’ regardless of whether it particularly suits them or is comfortable.

You can usually spot a Dramatic fairly easily; they’ll be dressed in a fabulous outfit that is likely to turn heads and will often consist of bright, bold colours, statement jewellery/shoes or some other fabulous conversation-starter. Dramatics often love a show-stopping designer piece if their budgets allow (their wardrobes will be bursting!)

Celebrity Dramatics/Influencers; Trinny Woodall, Bjork, Beyonce.

Dramatic Brands; ASOS, River Island, Gucci.


Feminine and ethereal, Romantics love anything with delicate detailing, sparkle, embellishments and bows.

They will often favour skirts/dresses over trousers and feel fabulous in heels as well as being drawn to more delicate and lighter colours as apposed to anything to dark or bold.

Textures like cashmere and lace will also appeal – anything that soft and tactile with a touch of femininity will get a Romantic’s seal of approval.

Celebrity Romantics; Nicole Kidman, Kylie Minogue.


Classics prefer an understated, timeless look and once they find what works for them they will rarely deviate from their chosen style formula.

Favouring more of a neutral palette everything from their jewellery to their footwear will be carefully co-ordinated. Classics hate to feel messy so anything distressed/ripped or over-sized will generally be passed over.

Celebrity Classics; The Duchess of Cambridge, Michelle Obama, Jennifer Aniston


Comfort and practicality are the key deciding factors as to whether a Natural will or won’t buy/wear something.

Naturals like to get dressed in the morning and then not think about what they’re wearing for the rest of the day, You can expect to find jeans/trousers and flats make up the majority of their clothes in neutral colours. In keeping with their no-fuss attitude, their hair, make-up and jewellery will all be simple and minimal the majority of the time.

Natural Celebrities; Kate Winslet, Katie Holmes, Meg Ryan

Natural Brands; Hush, Linea, Sweaty Betty.


Effortless and stylish, everyone loves the City Chic aesthetic.

A City Chic spends time working out what suits their shape and colouring, invests in good-quality, well made pieces and then updates their wardrobe seasonally. They like to look current but aren’t necessarily concerned with being ‘on-trend’.

The key to the City Chic aesthetic is the attention to detail; little touches like a great watch, fabulous pair of sunglasses or gorgeous handbag will take an otherwise simple outfit and really give it the ‘wow’ factor.

City Chic Celebrities/Influencers; Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Tess Montgomery & Princess Diana

City Chic Brands; Reiss, Mint Velvet.


Is that You?

You may identify completely with one of the above or like me and some of my clients you may like elements from a few of them – I find we’re usually all a mix! For example I’m a Classic Dramatic.

You might be a busy working Mum so have more of a natural style, but when your off duty love the polish and elevated feel of a more Chic style. You might show this through colour or your attention to detail – great accessories, statements shoes/bags.

The fun part of this is you can choose a few and play around, it’s likely you style will change and evolve as time goes on and as your life goes through difference stages.  Its likely you have one stronger style personality but that doesn’t mean you cant change or tweak it and have some fun.

If your’e unsure what suits you then please book a session, I promise by the end of your consultation you will feel more confident in your colours, bodyshape and style!