Love them or hate them white jeans are having a comeback, there is no escaping bright white denim as every high street store and high-end designer has tapped into them. But quite a few of my clients seem to struggle with what to wear them with and what style suits their bodyshape best.

So I’ve been debating the trend for the past few months and seeing as the look will still be going strong come A/W19 I thought it was time to share some style tips.

A few tips on how to keep white jeans looking cool…

• Avoid head to toe white. Break up the look with black or print, leopard is perfect.
• Mix with a logo t-shirt and a classic navy or coloured blazer.
• Wear with a loafer style shoe, converse high tops, biker boot or a barely-there sandal.
• Add a biker jacket to toughen up the look.
• Avoid anything too tight & skinny, opt for a cropped straight leg or relaxed fit.

White jeans are versatile closet staple in any woman’s wardrobe. That’s not to say that white jeans are foolproof, though. In fact, many stylish women have been foiled by not thinking everything through before heading out the door in white jeans. (Hello, your underwear is showing!) I’m here to advise you on the things you absolutely need to get right before you strut your stuff in white denim, so you can be sure to look your best.

White jeans should be chic — not reveal your cheeks. However, that’s not always as easy as it sounds. Since not all white denim pants are made from thick, high quality denim, it’s super important when you wear white jeans that you don’t neglect the rear view.

This is especially true of stretchy denim or jeggins, which are often made of a thinner denim-cotton than traditional jeans. That means taking the time to check out how your bum looks in a full-length mirror, whether you’re trying on jeans in the shop, or at home.

Besides transparent fabric, you should also know that seams from your underwear can ruin your look. So after you’ve pulled on your white jeans, do turn your back to a full length mirror and make sure there are no visible panty lines (also known as VPL) showing through the fabric. Because white jeans can be more or less see-through, depending on the lighting situation, I highly recommend doing the check mentioned above in a room with plenty of natural sunlight.
White is a notoriously unforgiving fashion colour, meaning that too-tight white jeans can highlight every wobbly bit on your body. However, if you were thinking of choosing an overly baggy pair, in hopes of camouflaging your less favourite body parts, you should be aware that doing so can actually end up making your lower half look shapeless, or bigger than it actually is. That’s why it’s essential to make sure that any white jeans fit you perfectly.

If you’re slender, consider wearing a classic skinny white jean, or a slimmer boyfriend style (sometimes called a girlfriend jean). It is worth noting here that while you can look great in slouchy boyfriend jeans in darker denim shades, this is not recommended when you’re wearing white jeans, unless you don’t mind if people to mistake you for the decorator.

Hourglass & Curvy women look great in slim or straight leg jeans that closely skim over their generous proportions. You’re looking for a fit that’s snug enough to show off your womanly silhouette, but not overly tight (which can look tacky on any figure). Your best white jeans are a slim pair that follow your curves closely, without squeezing too tightly.

For all women, don’t forget you can always take your jeans to the seamstress or tailor, to tweak the length, fix gapping at the waistband, or correct other minor fit issues.

White jeans are a great, go-to denim style for creating fashionable outfits. If you’re not model-thin though, pulling them off without making your bottom half look bigger can feel like a challenge. Keep in mind that dark tops can make your top half look smaller than it actually is. This can visually draw attention to your lower body, so if you’re curvy stick to lighter coloured tops when you’re wearing white jeans.

Dressing in white from head to toe is a great solution, as this monochromatic palette is surprisingly slimming and looks good on just about everyone.

Finally, do give your body a chance to breathe in white jeans. If you have a tummy or wider hips, you can wear a tunic top that flows gently over your less-favourite areas, to smooth or camouflage them. You can also wear white bootcut jeans that help to balance wider hips, and can be more forgiving on pear shapes over skinnier styles.

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