You may be reading this and wonder why on earth anyone would want to wear a colour that doesn’t suit them. But like I tell my clients if you really love a colour you should wear it, its just maybe you need to wear it differently i.e. not next to your face.

Of course the ‘it’ colour of the season may be a favourite shade of yours, but you just can’t get it to work. You’re still itching to wear it though!

Incorporating an on-trend colour into your wardrobe is a great way to remain relevant and current, and its easily achieved. Sometimes all it takes is few new accessories which is a very cost effective way to update your outfits.

So if you find yourself looking at a shade that isn’t in your colour swatch or palette. The key is to make it work for you in a way that it does, have a read of my top tips:

1) Wear the colour away from your face. The more skin you have showing between the top and your face, the better. Wear it on your bottom half is the easiest way, or if you fall in love with a top in the colour choose a lower neckline,  but be mindful of the style – make sure it suits your body shape.

2) Tweak the shade. Wearing a slightly lighter/darker/softer/clearer/warmer/cooler hue will enable you to wear the trend without it wearing you. Emerald & Kermit Green are huge this season. Warm skin and hair tones may find Emerald too ‘blue’ but switching to Kermit Green will still give that green ‘pop’ and be on trend.

3) Use it in accessories such as a bag or shoes. Tie a scarf around your bag handles. It may surprise you
how the addition of a new accessory in this season’s colour can breathe new life into an old outfit.

4) Consider the fabric. Colours look much more vibrant in shiny fabrics that bounce light, whereas fabrics that absorb light tend to dilute. If a shade overwhelms you, try it in jersey, wool or brushed cotton.

Hopefully my tips have encouraged you to try and play with colours, but if you need a little more help then get in touch.