How to Wear Neon this 2019!

Set to be one of the biggest fashion trend’s of 2019, it’s time to ditch the darks for something slightly more vibrant because neon is back with a bang. Dominating our insta feeds day in day out, the neon fashion trend is hard to miss (literally), so if you want to keep your style on-point this season, you’re going to need to give your wardrobe a vibrant makeover. Think lime greens, hot pinks, dazzling oranges and electric blues. Although this trend is not for everyone they are certain ways you can introduce this trend without feeling like an 80’s dancer!

The 80s fashion phenomenon is back with a modern spin, covering everything from loungewear to dresses to trousers and jumpers in fluorescent brights. So whether you want to make a statement in head to toe neon clothing or add a subtle dose of colour to your look with standout accessories, your wardrobe simply isn’t complete without a little touch of neon.

And remember, there’s no such thing as being too bright. Basically, go bold or go home. Not for the faint-hearted, the neon fashion trend is all about standing out. Making heads turn for all the right reasons, neon clothing is a must if you want to be the centre of attention. The perfect way to inject excitement into your wardrobe, you may as well ditch the highlighter because these luminous shades will ensure you’re glowing throughout 2019.

From celebs to influencers to your colleagues at work, everyone’s rocking bright hues but if the thought of fluorescents fill you with fear, I’ve got some great examples on my Instagram & Pintrest designed to help you out. Showcasing looks that scream lust-worthy rather than lollipop lady, if you’re unsure how to wear neon, I’m going to show you how.

Would you like my advice? Stick to one neon shade to avoid resembling a traffic light and wear it with confidence, if your’e still a little scared by this trend start off with a pair of shoes or a handbag!

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a classic or a dramatic style personality you can introduce this trend in lots of different ways. Below are some examples:

Step into the limelight with a neon knit. Opt for insta-worthy vibes and pair a fluorescent lime jumper dress with a leather jacket and trainers for an eye-catching outfit that screams look at me.

Make your basics not so basic with fluorescent brights. Inject neon into your everyday wardrobe with simple fluoro tops that work for brunch with your girlfriends as well as for a date night.

If head to toe fluoro isn’t your thing, then let your bottom half do the talking with a pair of neon trousers. The perfect way to add some oomph to your outfit without being too OTT, a pair of neon trousers can take you from day to night with ease.

Give your night out a neon makeover with a vibrant dress. Forget playing it safe and get heads turning in a bright hue. Just make sure you look in tip-top shape because all eyes will be on you!