The quick fix way to inject life into your existing wardrobe is with new trends and an accessories update to take even the simplest outfit up a notch with an on-trend addition or two. Look for colour and texture to add the finishing touch to your summer outfits with my must-have trends & accessories for summer.

Neon Signs

The colour of the season? Or carrying on from last year.  These days, there’s never really just one colour to wear. There is however lots of look-at-me colours – and it’s on acid. “I love neon – it’s so man-made and loud and obnoxious.  Wearing colours such as bright yellow, orange and pink can only encourage the mantra of joy”; and you know how much I love a bit of colour. Go glow and have fun.

Shorts Suit Story

If you’re looking to invest in a trouser suit, now’s the time, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some new, well-cut options. Exhibit A: the shorts suit. Cut long and lean, falling just below the knee with a raw, boyish energy they have a crisp and faintly militaristic look. You might be sceptical now, but just think of the practicality of them for your office wardrobe in the heat and given how we all love blazers, consider this trend a logical – and inevitable – progression.


Straw Update

Straw and raffia bags are a summer staple but this doesn’t mean you have to stick with a neutral tone, choose a bright and bold hue for this Spring Summer 2020 to add a pop of colour to your white-based warm-weather outfits.

Down Low

Step out of your trainers and flip flops into a manageable heel with Spring/Summer’s crop of kitten heeled sandals, and after lockdown life we are going need to be broken in gently to wearing heels again. Choose from slim, rounded straps criss-crossing across your foot or work two trends in one with the designer inspired woven leather finish in a kitten heeled mule.  Earn extra style points for a square toe.

Sea Shells

Whether you’re heading abroad on holiday or your plans have turned into a staycation, keep the vacation spirit alive by adding a beachy vibe to your summer wardrobe with shell-shaped accessories.

Blank Slate

Feeling ethereal? You’re in for a treat: summertime if perfect for wafty white dresses. Of course, that doesn’t mean your old nightgown will do. Consider this look carefree summer immortalised (on a practical note steer clear of children, pets, and red wine).


The Aviator

This season sees the return of the classic metal-framed pilot’s sunglasses, which is a refreshing change from the heavier frames of recent years. Embrace tinted lenses and wear hair loose and wavy for a nod to the Seventies.

Blue Crush

Super-refined denim making everyday style a cinch? Yes, please. This summer expect to see a bumper crop of blue jeans, from Bermuda shorts at Chanel to ’70s kick-flares and upcycled grunge numbers. As for lessons in pulling off double denim? Go for blues that tone together, no high contrasts! Or for a fail safe option go for a cotton shirt with a denim trim or detail and pair with your favourite jeans or shorts.


If you would like any help with the summer trends or how to make them work for your wardrobe get in touch with me on Remember its not about fashion, its about style and making things work for you and your lifestyle. x