For women going through the menopause there are plenty of things that can cause stress and anxiety, from unannounced hot flushes to fatigue and insomnia, so staying stylish and feeling confidence in your clothes shouldn’t be on your list of worries.

But unfortunately the menopause can impact the clothes women feel comfortable in, from a
change in body shape to those aforementioned hot flushes; a favourite dress or outfit might just not have the same impact or feel good factor anymore.

My Story….
I went into early menopause at 36 years old, yep its true. So for those of you looking at me and saying how could I know how you feel – believe me I do! My menopause story started post pregnancy and continued for the next 4 years. The main factors prior to my hysterectomy were a horrendous labour, cancerous cells and cysts on my ovaries to name a few! 4 operations later and enough was enough, even the surgeon said a hysterectomy was my best option. So I opted for a full one to get rid of everything that could possibly cause me any more pain and grief. The day after my surgery I started HRT and went into the menopause.

I had struggled to lose that extra bit of weight after my pregnancy anyway and my surgeries hadn’t helped, my body shape had changed round my middle, I started to suffer with migraines, fatigue and the dreaded sweats! And so my menopause journey began……

From what I learnt as a women going through it and as a Personal Stylist I have now dedicated my career to helping women accept and embrace their bodies. We might not all be happy with what we have but we can certainly learn to make the best of it!

Whether its how to style and flatter your bodyshape (the bits we like and dislike), wearing colours that suit our natural colouring and will lift our mood. How to shop effectively without making those costly mistakes, or just helping them feel that bit better and achieve style confidence.

So here are a few of my style tips.

1. Embrace your new shape
During the menopause a lot of women report a change to their body shape, so don’t be afraid to try new things when you’re out clothes shopping. You’ve probably spent years dressing for your old shape, so you are going to have to be adventurous and try on things you would have usually left on the rail.

If you not sure about a personal stylist, take a trusted friend or partner with you for a second opinion and embrace your new body!

2. Choose colours carefully
Hot flushes are one of the main menopause symptoms and unfortunately they’re unpredictable and uncomfortable. But you don’t want the evidence of a hot flush living on in your clothing. Try choosing neutral colours, such as white, cream, black and navy that don’t show sweat patches as visibly. You can add colourful accessories to lift an outfit very easily.

3. Be smart with the fabric
We know that hot flushes and night sweats are unpredictable so be prepared for that sudden burst of perspiration by making sure clothes are made using the best fabric possible. Close fitting fabrics that absorb even the smallest amount of moisture will be your best friend.

My advice would be to wear loose fitting clothing in natural fibres to keep cool and avoid fabrics such as polyester and nylon, as these will leave you feeling hot and sticky.

However, over the years, with the rise in athleisure wear, fabric technology has developed with changes to fabric construction. These additional properties in manmade fabrics now make them just as effective, if not more so in many cases, as natural fibres in keeping you cool.

4. Layer up
Especially in the cooler months, wearing several thin layers will be better than one thick, heavy jumper. That way you can strip off the layers as soon as the hot flush strikes and then re-dress when your body is back to its normal temperature.
Vests are an ideal first layer as they can be worn under tops to give extra protection from perspiration.

5. Menopause doesn’t mean you’re past your prime
It is important to remember that going through the menopause DOES NOT MEAN YOU’RE OLD. Many women are shocked to start their menopause journey in their 40s (or earlier) but the average age is around 47. But remember, if you don’t look or feel old, then certainly don’t dress it! You can be stylish at any age.

If starting the menopause, and the changes this brings, has knocked your style confidence, then look at ways you can get this back. Whether that’s a pampering session where you get a facial and your hair done or treating yourself to a new dress, confidence is key and it shines through over anything else.

I would love to help you feel better about yourself and your clothes so please book your free 30 min consultation today so you can start getting your style confidence back.

Natasha x