We are all doing it, stepping out of our house in a great outfit, only for it to be completely ruined by sweat, sweat, and more sweat due to the heat. Aside from simply wearing nothing, it seems almost impossible to look your best in the heat of summer. But surviving without sacrificing your style is doable—if you dress smartly.

Remember the rise in temperature is no excuse to let down your sartorial standards.

Instead of using the summer heat as an excuse to relax your dress code – see it as an opportunity to incorporate colour, new fabrics and styles into your wardrobe.

Beauty & Make Up

The summer season is only now reaching its peak, similarly humid temperatures are here to stay. Days like these pose perhaps the biggest beauty challenge; it seems nearly impossible to stop makeup from running, to prevent hair from frizzing, and to keep clothes from creasing.

From makeup, to hair, to clothes, here are my favorite tips for keeping polished and poised.–

It may be tempting to cut out makeup altogether, but the application of primer is most important in these hot summer months; it’ll help your makeup to last all day long. But, instead of foundation, maybe try a tinted moisturizer with high SPF. Powder blushes have better staying power in the harsh summer heat, but they can streak when mixed with sweat or when you cry as I discovered whilst watching Mama Mia 2! Simply use whatever best suits your skin type. Do swap heavy black eyeliner for a softer or muted palette, and smudge to soften the look.

If you prefer bold lip colour, a bright lip stain is especially good on a summers day, but you’ll need one that’s long-lasting enough to endure constant drinking. If you’d rather use lipstick, don’t forget to line with a lip pencil – a natural tone works with all shades – to keep your colour from feathering.


If you have shorter hair then chances are you not feeling too bad, but if you have longer hair that can make you feel pretty sweaty and messy in hot temperatures. My hair seems to get bigger the more its exposed to heat…So Topknots and variations of braids are a great use of your time at the start of the day, and they’re the perfect remedy to messy, heat-stricken hair.

But if you can master a relaxed French twist for day, it’s a classic hairdo that, when released, will create subtle waves and body as you transition into your night activities. Prep with a volumizer. Grab your hair into a ponytail at the nape of your neck, and loop it upward. First twist, then gather the hair as necessary, holding the style with large bobby-pins. With a little practice, the French twist will become a strong but easy addition to your morning beauty routine.

What to wear for office during summer?


The best fabrics to keep you cool are undoubtedly cotton and silk chiffon, a useful tip if your conscious of sweating is line the underarms of your blouses with baby powder to prevent sweat stains. Only do this on lighter coloured shirts.

Shift Dresses

Loose fitting and comfortable, but still stylish. Opt for a linen mix rather than 100% linen or you will end up looking like a rag…

Sheer Fabrics

Show your edgy side by going transparent this season. Transparent fabrics like chiffon silk, lightweight linen or organza are ideal to wear in this heat. See-through clothing is a favorite in the fashion world so there are plenty of great options in the shops.

Knee – Length Skirts

We understand the urge to wear short dresses or anything above the knee, but its not always acceptable in the workplace A knee-length skirt is a great way to beat the heat fashionably and will still keep you looking the part. Go for any knee-length and pair it with a lightweight shirt or smart tshirt, wear with flats or heels your call!

Here are a few rules to keep you looking professional while staying cool.

  • Even though maxi dresses are quite in fashion, say no to them in the office and keep for your weekend dressing
  • Pencil skirts can wait! Avoid styles that hug your body too closely, think loose fitting and relaxed style
  • Choose a dress from your wardrobe under which you can wear a regular, supportive bra to be comfortable during heat
  • Play with colours and patterns, which suit your workplace environment or business brand. Colour can be a great way to lift your spirits in the heat.
  • Keep a deodorant, tissues, brush, a small perfume and makeup on you at all times so you can freshen up when needed,
  • Do not wear flip-flops or casual sandals in a professional setting – never acceptable in my book!If you need any further advice on styling or how to dress in the workplace then get in touch today.