When I first contacted Natasha I was looking for a review of my wardrobe and I felt completely overwhelmed by the amount of clothes I had and the clutter.  My wardrobe was bursting at the seams, yet I never felt I had anything to wear. I was constantly wearing the same 10-12 outfits and ignoring all the other items, but I was too much of a hoarder to throw anything away! I had already made two attempts myself to get things in order in the and failed, I was easily distracted and really didn’t know where to start so I knew I needed some professional help.

On the day of my wardrobe detox I was nervous, excited and anxious! So many different emotions, also a little embarrassed about the state of my wardrobe. I really enjoyed the day! Standing in front of a stranger in your underwear can be daunting, but with Natasha it was easy – she made me feel so comfortable straight away and put me at ease with her smiles.

She helped me reduce my wardrobe within 20 mins, and we started breaking down the clothes and putting them into piles – she would say this is good, but this needs to go. Her advice was honest, real but heartfelt and at no point did I feel pressured. Natasha gave me colour advice as well as bodyshape and styling tips – so much useful information.

We managed to achieve a lot in a day and I had a real sense of having achieved a true change. My local charity shop received 5 bags of decent clothes and I could breathe much easier. You cant explain it, its like being cleansed or therapy only cheaper! I have continued to clear out my wardrobe and hang items on the right hangers and in colour block groups, which makes dressing in the morning so much easier and quicker.

After such a positive experience I decided to book a shopping trip, Natasha had created a small shopping list of items that would add value to my wardrobe. It was wonderful shopping with Natasha. She picked out items that I would never have chosen and was oh so patient with me. I liked that I got an honest opinion, as well as seeing immediately which items worked with what. I now feel smart, stylish and comfortable in my clothes and I even feel quite attractive :).

Now my wardrobe is a pleasure to open and I feel really great! It’s so easy to put an outfit together, and I get lots of compliments. I still have to say goodbye to some more clothes and shoes that are no longer me, but I have learnt that this is a continuous process and not a one off event, and I am enjoying rather than dreading it.

I now see that good quality items really make me look smarter without the need for suits. I definitely don’t shop at cheap shops anymore. I have had multiple comments from random people on my outfits, which is nice, and my wardrobe and I are now friends!

I absolutely recommend working with Natasha, and only wish I had done this much sooner. I have saved a lot of money in the long run as now I only buy a few items that are high quality and I love.

Working with Natasha is super easy. She’s just a delight to deal with. I’m very happy and looking forward to the next session! There really is nothing to be scared of!