Wardrobe Detox, £200

Any session starts with a chat to make sure I have a clear picture of what is required to get the best results for you from your wardrobe detox.


  • You will gain clarity and discover who you are, the image you currently portray, and what adjustments are required.
  • Exploring what you already have, you will learn what is working, what doesn’t and what we need on the priority shopping list.
  • You will get clearer about your lifestyle, body shape and self-image and learn what works and why so that you begin to make confident and considered choices.
  • Using your existing wardrobe, begin to learn how to dress in the most flattering way, and in a way that suits your own personal style.
  • Advice on the best way to organise your wardrobe, so it is effortless and stress free. You will be left with an organised uncluttered wardrobe ready to be refreshed with the new items you require.
  • Learn what alterations can be done to rework any existing garments, and have suitable items pinned ready to go.
  • Organise your wardrobe so you can see everything (and therefore be more likely to wear it)
  • Keep everything that makes you look and feel fantastic
  • Be given great ideas how to add items to complete your new look