Retail Staff – Workshops & 121 Sessions

I can offer your Retail staff training on how to be a proactive and knowledgeable Personal Shopper. 

My training is current and informative, my methods will enable your staff to be proficient in colour and styling for the individual and thus:

  • Speedily assess the customer’s personal style
  • Select the most flattering and suitable clothes for the customer
  • Enable them to offer the best style advice
  • Identify appropriate accessories
  • Increase sales of clothing and accessories for retailers
  • Generate repeat business

Using expert sales training your sales staff can learn how to full fill their maximum potential.

Training options include:

  • Developing an appropriate, proactive approach to customer services
  • How to assist customers efficiently
  • How to identify the specific needs of the customer through interpretation of their personal style
  • Changing room techniques
  • Link-selling skills
  • How to close the sale

Courses can be offered as a bespoke session where I will offer the training at your office or retail premises.

Get in touch to discuss your company’s requirements in greater depth