Do you feel like your mom style is non-existent? Are you stuck in a rut with outfit ideas?

Ok mums, it’s time we talk about fashion and YOUR sense of style.

Hang on, give me a chance – I know what you’re thinking – They are bigger fish to fry right now. Home schooling, housework and generally keeping everyone entertained…and yes being a mother of young kids, you don’t always have the time or the money to worry about how you look right now & what your wearing!” I know – because I’ve been in that frame of mind too and I have listened to many of my friends and clients.

It’s normal; it’s all part of the journey of motherhood and change and ageing. Yes, motherhood does define us now, but it shouldn’t control us entirely. We can still be mums and have style. We can still make time for ourselves and how we look. And do you know what? I have found a very simple and refreshing way to get out of the ‘frumpy uninspired no-time-for-fashion’ rut that many mums fall into.

The answer is this: Do care about how you look! It will make you feel better to make some effort, trust me. Are you with me?

I’ll show you how, because when you like the way you look and you feel confident in your clothes; you will feel a million times better within yourself and how your days are spent. I seem to be so much more productive when I feel good about myself (on the inside and the outside) – which makes sense doesn’t it?!

No, I’m not going to tell you to go on a strict diet or get Botox and hair extensions and I’m not going to tell you to wear nine-inch heels all day, everyday (although do these things if you wish), but here I will share a few style tips for stay at home mums.

My child is 10, and yes I only have 1. But I work, run a home, have a dog and manage my husband’s diary, but my main role within our family is to run the home and be mum and wife.

I enjoy this and embrace this, but now realise this does not mean I’m only entitled to wear leggings and old sweatshirts (although some days I crave this and that’s ok!). There is no such thing as a “Mummy’s uniform”. We can make our own rules when it comes to our daily wear.

And trust me – a little thought into what you wear each day, makes a HUGE difference.
I fell into a bit of a clothing slump not long after my son was born. I was still carrying some extra weight and was running on very little sleep, plus I had 4 major operations in 2 years that set me back mentally and physically.

I wanted to maintain the style I had before, the confidence and yes occasionally feeling sexy but instead I found that I just couldn’t achieve this everyday. Instead I looked like someone who had lost a lot of self-love. Either way, I didn’t look or feel good.

My friend had been in similar situation when becoming a mum for the first time so I used her for some fresh ideas on my style and what to buy. She also taught me to be kind to myself and give myself a break.

Its funny to think I now mentor and help other women and mothers into finding their style confidence again. I can’t even begin to tell you what a difference it makes to have someone help and show you a way forward, not only to your wardrobe but to your body, your mindset and your daily routine.

Now I make an effort to select my clothing mindfully.

This thought process is quite fun for a creative like me, who loves nothing more than a bit of a challenge and a way to spice life up a bit.

I still keep things real, because most days like most parents I go to the park, play, do the housework, walk the dog, cooking, food shop & do the school-runs!

But I know that I can still wear comfortable, practical clothes that make me feel great, but also look fabulous and natural.

My Top Tips!

1. Invest in a few quality, durable pieces that will last you a long time but can be versatile. For example; a couple of pair’s of good jeans. That wear and wash well, but can be easily dressed up or down. That are perfect for all seasons and are flattering – especially when you’re sitting down with your children, bending down and moving around a lot with busy toddlers.

2. When purchasing a piece of clothing, think about how many different occasions it will suit. The more ways you can wear it, the more value you’re getting. Can you dress it up and down, by adding colour & accessories. Does it suit your lifestyle? If so, then buy it!

3. Inject some colour into your day. Nothing more needs to be said on this, but do make sure they are your most flattering colours(it does make a difference)

4. Focus on what’s important to you. As a busy mum, our time to get ready each morning is very limited. Therefore something might have to give. Sacrifice whatever you need to, it could be straightening your hair or your makeup. Choose what works for you, you might be able to do it later because the end result needs to be YOU feeling good.

5. Know that it’s ok to dress up a little. After my clients visit me they tend to put a whole lot more effort and thought into their daily outfits. This doesn’t mean you need to dress up each day, but they know it’s ok and its a little bit of fun to wear something special; even if your day consists of school runs, grocery shopping and sitting in front of a computer for several hours.

This can be achieved by simply adding a bit of colour or sparkle with a necklace or scarf. As the saying goes, “don’t save things for special occasions. Every day is special”. So if you feel like rocking out some red lipstick to do the groceries or wearing that high-end fashion piece you “invested” in – then go for it. Remember there are no rules when it comes to mum style.

6. Stay true to yourself. This may contradict the previous point slightly, because if yoga pants and a hoodie are truly when you feel your best, then tune into that. But also break out of your comfort zone and experiment a little. The styling sessions I offer will make you want to try new styles and colours that you wouldn’t normally look twice at – and they will soon become your favourite, most-worn pieces.

7. Patterns can be your best friend – kids are dirty and sticky and messy! So when you have a busy day ahead, try and wear some pattern. Why? Because patterns hide creases in clothing as well as grubby fingerprints; compared to block colours. I now wear a lot more floral, stripes and geometric patterns. I also avoid whole-white outfits as much as possible for this same reason. Save your whites for less busy days with your kids or child-free dates/events.

8. Discover your best bits and flaunt them. Find your best bits (could be your bust, waistline, feet, shoulders, hair or even your ankle) and flaunt those babies. Life’s too short to hide behind oversized and unflattering clothing (and it will make you look bigger and un-shapely).

9. And lastly, mix cheaper, disposable pieces with better quality and higher-priced items. If you’re a stay-at-home-mum there’s a good chance you’re on a one-income family budget. High-end fashion doesn’t usually fit into your budget priorities when you’re not earning a consistent and stable income. But if you’re smart with your shopping, you can make those more pricey pieces last a long time and survive through many different occasions.

Have some fun with fashion and clothes shopping again. Just because our days are dictated by the needs of little ones, doesn’t mean we can’t do it in style.

Remember that how we look, can positively affect the way we feel. Over time you may find that your confidence is also growing with this new approach to your daily appearance.

If you would like to book a styling session or image consultation with me then send me an email to Remember I offer Gift Vouchers so if you wont treat yourself then get someone to do it for you.

I promise you will leave feeling more style confident and inspired to go shopping once more.

Being a mum is a tough job, so be kind to yourself and give yourself a break.
Love Natasha x