I just wanted to say thank you for helping Mum on Thursday. She absolutely loved it and when I picked her up Friday, she was so excited to tell me everything. She looked lovely and taken your advice, so much so we went makeup shopping with her little recommendation card.

So again, thank you. Definitely re-energised her with her wardrobe.


Natasha Edge is an exceptionally gifted consultant. The title Image Consultant doesn’t do justice to her work. Yes, she can show you which clothes and colours best compliment your colouring so you can look your best. Yes, she can show you how your personality and style will be enhanced professionally by wearing certain styles of clothing. What sets Natasha apart is her ability to let you see more deeply into yourself so you can embrace yourself both professionally and personally.

Lauren, Solicitor

I was introduced to Natasha, by a friend, a few years ago. Having seen her expertise, in-depth knowledge and warm friendly approach, I’ve returned as a customer on many occasions when I needed help for a special occasion outfit! I have also treated family and friends to sessions with her. Natasha listens to your requirements, lifestyle and budget to make practical workable recommendations.

Olivia, Director

I’ve had lots of compliments on the colours I now wear and how flattering the clothes we bought on the personal shopping trip are. So thank you, you are a genius. I am a new woman with so much more confidence!

Katherine, New Mum

Wow! Had a fantastic time with Natasha, my personal stylist. I’m girlie enough to love shopping but first time with a personal shopper and what an experience! The attention on me was quite heady, I’ve never had anyone show such attention to detail on the right colours for me, materials that suit my shape, how different styles enhance the right bits and detract from areas I’m less enamoured of. Thank you, Natasha, for a day of great worth and such a heady experience.

Lucy, Marketing Assistant

I wanted to say a big thank you for last Friday (how quickly has this week gone!) I felt thoroughly spoilt and it gave me such confidence to have you help me choose clothes (many of which I wouldn’t have even looked twice at!) …it’s like a whole new world of clothes is now in my wardrobe and it feels great to have something to ‘throw on’ so easily – and still look and feel so good… I haven’t taken anything back – and yet I have so many good bargains as almost everything was in the sale … brilliant!

Louise, Mum of 3

Natasha is a great communicator and a true professional. She has high integrity, and is consistent and reliable at every stage of the process I found her colour and style recommendation extremely useful and have also recommended her to friends who have been equally impressed with her service.

Sarah, Project Manager

The sessions were nothing short of transformative; it was the most liberating and enlightening experience I was able to see where I was going wrong. What did and didn’t suit me and miraculously, that my hang-ups about my body were more to do with my choice of clothes than reality. A revelation!

Amelia 49, Psychotherapist

I can’t believe I’m saying this – as my appearance is basically the last thing I think about – but it really has made me feel happier and more confident. I have had so many positive comments, it’s surprised me how much people pay attention to how I look.

Rosanne 45, Private Equity

I would absolutely recommend working with Natasha. It is really amazing how much of a positive change you can make in yourself and how you are viewed, by investing the time in your wardrobe and your look – all while still being authentically you. It’s been well worth the investment.

Julie 42, Global Business Unit President

Let me help you achieve the Image you deserve

I look forward to working with you.