I cant knit, I haven’t got a fireside to read stories next to and the only stick I own is the memory one for my laptop. But yet Im a 41yr old Granny! If you add in no grey hair (visible hair), a tendency towards skinny jeans and ankle boots rather than a shawl and an appetite for life not Werthers Originals, you might think that I’m supremely unqualified to be a granny, but yet I am.

If you believe the majority of childrens books, stories and tv ads, who have been slow to keep up – the cliché granny is a little behind the times too. She’s a lot about dozing in a big, old armchair and has a genuine rosy glow on her cheeks rather than a swift brush of Nars Blush. Time to get real, just as the granny emoji doesn’t suit me (who is that grey haired bun wearing woman?) neither does any outdated stereotype. These days, your average granny is hip, she’s relaxed and cool, has great style and that’s thanks to a combination of maturity and mindfulness.

If your ever tempted to put grandmas in the uncool box, may I remind you that Bianca Jagger, Twiggy, Lulu and Vivienne Westwood are all grannies. Pru Leith of my personal favourites for her love and colour and bold accessories. They would all give you a short sharp smack if you tried to label them. And we would all raise our bright red finely manicured hands (my nail colour) if you asked who’s cool? Except we would be too busy face-painting, flossing & wall climbing with our grandchildren to even give you an answer.

The biggest misconception I find in my role as a Stylist is that once you get grey hair or become a certain age people wear less colour, this is the absolute opposite of what you should be doing. Grey & Silver hair looks fabulous with cool brights – such as Hot Pink, Turquoise and Jade Green. Wear a bold lipstick, add some colourful accessories embrace the confidence that only comes with age and enjoy it.

One of the many joys about being a granny (although Im called Nanny) is that we are healthier and livelier than all the previous generations. We can keep up with things and get down with the kids too/ We have all the attributes of days gone by but the subtly upgraded. And don’t assume grandma doesn’t know anything, we are at the top of our game for returning to education later in life long after we left school.

You can no longer make assumptions, I dare you to spot the grandma in the playground. I know a few years back my mum was referred to as my sons mum, which of course she loved. I too love this accolade of you cant possibly be a granny? I baggsied the name Nanny pretty early on, I didn’t want people to think they were just some kids I was hanging out with. I do understand the reluctance but its natural for me.

It used to be a liquorice allsorts stick the kids wanted, but sadly no more as you cant play Fortnite with that. Your grandchildren will think you are funny, kind and beautiful because they adore you. You’ll be a soft touch, a safe pair of hands and the person who disco dances to Paw Patrol! Whatever you do with your hair or hemline, they’ll think your old. It goes with the job. You’ll stay cool – but love is hotter.

So embrace this time of your life whatever age you are, dress the way you want, live the way you want and say what you want. Style at any age is about feeling confident in who you are, so don’t be guided by rules or what not to do at a certain age. Enjoy it and raise your granddaughters to be the same.