The Power of a Red Lip

I rarely leave the house without some kind of lipstick, lip balm or gloss.

For me there are loads of reasons why I wear lipstick I feel naked without it, it adds colour to my lips and I have an annoying habit of biting my lower lip when my lips are bare! So my lipstick acts as a barrier and protects my lips in more ways than one. Saying that, I’m still a little unsure about a red lip on me, it’s not even the colour I just tend to be more of an “all about the eyes” kind of girl.

But the power of the red lip is unchallenged; it can instantly brighten your complexion, disguise tiredness and add vibrancy to an understated look – yet many shy away from it. Albeit a little tricky at first, once you’ve nailed application, this empowering and unashamedly feminine lip colour can be worn from desk to dinner exuding confidence and strength, no matter what the occasion.

Apprehensive about achieving this statement look? Fear not – simply follow my guidelines and you’ll be applying with confidence in no time:

1. Preparation Is Key
Smooth application starts with a great base. Particularly important if you’re using a matte lipstick, prepare your lips by using a grainy exfoliator to remove dry skin followed by a light layer of nourishing lip balm. Do this as part of your morning skincare routine so that by the time it comes to applying your lip colour, the balm has soaked in, blotting off any excess with a tissue.

2. Line The Way
If you’re after a precise finish, using a lip liner is crucial. Use a sharp pencil to gently draw around your lips, lining ever so slightly over the edge if you wish to enhance their shape. For mature skin or if you’re not keen on the appearance of liner, a translucent wax-based lip liner is fantastic for preventing your lip colour from feathering and bleeding into fine lines. If you wish to improve the staying power of your lip colour, completely fill your lips with the liner first to create a base for when your lipstick starts to wear off.

3. Find Your Shade & Apply
Many would argue that red lipstick doesn’t suit them but it’s simply not true, it’s all about finding the right shade for you. When looking for a red lip colour, choose a shade that has the same undertones as your skin. For example, if you have a warm undertone then opt for an orange or brown-based red or if you’re cooler, go for a pink or berry hue. Want to make a statement? Do the opposite! Apply straight from the bullet or use a lip brush for precise application, also don’t forget about the inner corners of your mouth.

4. Blot & Go
Use a tissue to blot off any excess lipstick and create a long-lasting finish. For the most modern way to wear a red lip, keep it simple. Pair with a flawless base and a minimal eye for a contemporary look. Feeling daring? Add a layer of gloss over the top for a high-shine finish.

Top tip – Still not ready to rock a red lip? For a delicate flush of colour, leave out the lip liner and apply a slick of lipstick to the centre of the lips, blending outwards with your finger for a soft finish.

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