In most fashion magazines you will read that an essential in every woman’s wardrobe is a pair of black trousers and a Little Black Dress because both these garments are the most flattering and slimming you can find. They are of course aren’t they?  I’m here to bust the black myth.

When I do a Colour Analysis many women say “Oh No your’e going to tell me I can’t wear black”. Firstly I will never tell anyone they can wear a colour, because if you love a colour you should wear it – including black. But in most cases there will be better colours for you, or better shades of that colour. Women will always wear black, that’s a fact but I’m here to tell you that it’s not always our best friend.

The answer is you should only really wear black if black if it suits you. How do you know if it suits you? To start with we need to look at the properties of black – it is a Deep, Cool and Clear colour, so if you are Warm, Light or Soft in your colouring, you should probably avoid it.

Also, did you know that black is very ageing – it will cast shadow on your face, make wrinkles and lines look deeper, throw shadows under your eyes and make you look even more tired, and create double chins. The older you get, the harder black is to wear, and if your hair and skin is light it’s less likely to suit you. The same goes for wearing dark eye makeup, many women buy black mascara and liner – because that what they have been wearing since the 80’s. Well the 80’s called and wants it makeup back…. Unless you are a deep colouring chances are this heavy black makeup is aging you. It will make you look tired and grey around the cheek/eye area. Opt for Softer more tonal colours.

Now why is black considered so slimming? If light colours advance (make you look bigger) and dark colours recede (make you look smaller) then what is the most slimming colour? According to all those mags and fashion writers – it’s black as that logically seems to be the darkest colour, so it should recede the most. But black is actually a bright colour as it has no grey element so those ‘slimming’ black trousers will actually draw attention to you bum and make it look bigger, not smaller.

So what colour trousers should you buy to make your bum look smaller? Dark grey, navy or very dark brown if you’ve got cool colouring, and if you’re warm chocolate brown or deep olive green will both be far more slimming than any black trousers ever could be for you.

I hope I have enlightened you just a little on the myths of wearing black, if you need some help with colour why not book an Image Consultation. I will be able to show you your best colours, how to wear colour and which styles and cuts of clothes flatter your bodyshape.