I dont want to look like MUTTON DRESSED AS LAMB…
What does this phrase actually mean – Its a disparaging term for an older woman who tries to look much younger or finds herself attractive in the style of younger women. 
I mean who even made this phrase up?

So Next time you give your mum or nan a cardigan and some slippers for her birthday, don’t be surprised if she asks for the receipt – never judge a women by her cover! The chances are she’ll want to pop out and exchange them for something a little more daring.

Research has found that when it comes to fashion, nine in ten women aim to dress younger than their years. And more than half say they won’t start ‘dressing their age’ until they are at least 70 – Too right.

The phenomenon is epitomised by Jane Fonda, 73, and Helen Mirren (who I love) who just dress really well and in clothes that they love. Last month Jane Fonda appeared on a talk show wearing a leather miniskirt and she rocked it.

Dressing well and being age defiant is about dressing for your colouring, shape and size, rather than dressing for what you consider to be age appropriate. Wearing clothes that suit your colouring & bodyshape will make you feel confident and instantly take years off – FACT.


But I have heard this phrase countless times from my clients and I’d be interested in your opinions.
Here are some of mine:
To me It’s an awful phase that affects women’s confidence and I absolutely loathe and it, it upsets me to hear it time and time again from women.
It’s a phase that seems to only be used by UK women over 40 – think of the glam Italian, Spanish & French women.
Sometimes women are so worried about looking too ‘out there’ – they play it ‘safe’ which can end up looking frumpy, which doesn’t give them any joy either.
What’s stopping you wearing/buying something you love? Is it your inner critic or courting ridicule by others?
You should feel free to wear what you want!
We should not slap labels on women, yep women are just as guilty as men about saying this.
Where do these social norms of how to dress come from? Where’s the rule book? It’s exhausting.
Style eccentricity and personality, having fun and experimenting is more interesting than abiding by a rigid set of strict rules, preconceived ideas and boundaries when choosing one’s wardrobe.
It’s not about age really is it? It’s about shape, size and proportion. If you feel it fits and flatters YOU – heck wear it! If you’ve lost your mojo, then seek help.
Finally, the ‘mutton’ thing is becoming harder to define – thank the lord! So don’t waste precious time (and years) worrying about what not to wear. You can’t turn back the clock when you’re 90. You don’t want to be saying “I should have worn what I loved”.
Am I right?