Why I love Autumn Fashion!

The pumpkin spiced lattes are out, the sandals are firmly back in the closet which means a lot less maintenance and the Elf memes are finding their way back into your Facebook feed (in case you forget how many Mondays there are until Christmas). Yes, it is officially the end of summer.

While we’ll be waving goodbye to lazy tanning sessions in the park, you can’t deny the winter months have some pretty major bonus points. Unashamedly re-watching Love Actually & Miracle of 34th? New Years Eve? Nights out nursing a large glass of mulled wine and your 15th mince pie or Ferreo Rocher in my case? Bring. It. On.

And, of course, the fash-un darlings! As we sashay into Autumn we can’t help but get a little excited about the WWC (Winter Wardrobe Change).

Here’s 10 reasons why Autumn fashion really is the best of them all…

Colour Clash – As Marilyn Monroe once said: ‘Designers want me to dress like Spring, in billowing things. I don’t feel like Spring. I feel like a warm red Autumn.’ The colour palette options for winter are limitless – navy, deep reds, earthy greens, purple…The off-shoulder white dress now goes into hiding for six months and we can enjoy those winter brights once more.

Tights become your best friend! Even though I’m not a big fan due to being high waisted and I feeling the heat tights really can be your best friend in Winter. Sparkly tights. Coloured tights. Nude tights. You name it, the fashion pack are probably wearing it. It’s the chicest (and cheapest) addition to that dress you’ve worn a million times.

Layering Up – Okay, so maybe Joey wearing Chandler’s wardrobe was one step too far, but we’re all for mastering the look and keeping cosy with stylish thermal wear, jumpers, cardigans and blazers. More is more.

OTT Accessories – Delicate finishing touches to your ensemble? Forget it… think OTT chokers, furry bags and glitzy gloves. They can change the simplest of outfits into something special, so invest in plenty of colours and in every accessory you can think of.

Textile Class – Let’s face it: your outfit options in 30-degree heat is rather limited when it comes to comfort. Tight jeans and thick materials are a big no-no. So basically my attire from June-September is cotton everything. Then Autumn arrives and the fabric frenzy begins! Come payday I’ve got my eye on velvet suits (namely a Boden Teal coloured one), shimmering brocade dresses, sheer shirts (Zara) and leather jackets.

Faux Fur – While the hunt for the perfect winter coat is no easy feat, the faux fur option is the chicest – and most huggable – option for Autumn. Instant gratification, worn over any outfit. Nothing more to say.

Neck Gain – Its Scarf time, one of my biggest sellers in the studio as they add colour, interest and warmth. Invest in a good few, but stick to your best colours and prints.

Polo Neck – The wear-with-anything option for winter for that effortless, 1970s Parisian style. This season think layered under a cordrouy dress or worn with a leather skirt.

Kinky Boots – Funky footwear is back in fashion – from patent sock boots to Bowie-esque platforms. Opt for colours, prints and textures. Good boots never go out of fashion so make them your investment pieces.

And Finally Socks – C’mon they are the easiest gift for Secret Santa in the office and also the style staple we literally could not live without in chilly temperatures. And for the fashion-forward who can brave it, you can pair with your beloved heels. Not a look I will be trying!

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